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Look into my eyes while you are on your knees

Come. Feel my curve down your throat. Fill my tip on your tongue. Sit on your knees and stare into my eyes as you play with my dick in your mouth and forget about your small dick man back home. Come. ... More at http://gothambbc.tumblr.com/
Thanks olga. Im glad your cuckold of a husband did as he was commanded to and showed you a real mans dick. I am discussing with him to have him fly you over here in first class. To be treated like a princess while he stays at home. Come have a weekend in mnahattan with you on my arm around the city and of course sitting on my black cock at night.
Oh Ill turn your wish into a reality. Ill make your cuck work all year to send you here for a week. While he works Ill just fly you to sit on my cock while he watchies from home a 1000 miles away.

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