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" Lesbian friend from Miami gets D-Down " pt.

I LOVE white girls with nice round asses no matter how big the booty is. I'm a skin tone and texture man. You can be slim and petite and if the presentation is right? Baby..prepare to take FLIGHT!!! ;)
@Final93 Hey.. if you get on the ride without yuh seat belt well... you do the math.. ;) hahaha! But I didn't send her to the E.R , she sent her self there, bouncing on me wrecklessly.:sex:
@Curiousuk69 Isn't she? She sent a lyft car for me to be taken to her place and not only was I surprised that her and the wife got divorced but that she had another friend with her as well. Weekend started with a BANG to say the least.. Now the question is.."Will you show YOUR bravery and tackle the odds?" ;) hahaha

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