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" Lesbian friend from Miami gets D-Down pt.1

Sorry this is 10 seconds each. She has the original video on her phone and I think her wife deleted it. Haven't heard back from her since she ruptured her cervix bouncing on my dickmeat all crazy! Smh.. I hope you're better " L ". Seeing my dick print on your neck while I was in it? HOOTTTT!!
@BBCnATX lol Some cum back for more and some are so ruined from the dick downs they take time to recover from the mandingo'slaying or that ass getting tagged by their significant other cause.. " Someone's been eating in they porridge ". :devil: Lol They'll be stuck on that ass like glue to make sure that MANDINGO MASSACRE.. don't ever CUM..true.. AGAIN! lol
@Maddy012 Are you absolutely SURE and ready? Cause I'll start off slow and work you into a lathering, whip cream like texture, with slow long strokes as you're cumming, having Multi-O'z until you beg for me to pound you out.. and that's when your cervix and tummy is MINES! ;)
@GiulyIta Yes she did. And funny you commented about her.. she found my number in her email(cause her wife made her delete my contact information and texts but I have 3 phones with plenty of numbers ;) ) and contacted me early this morning, around 2:23am then 5:46am when I finally dosed off. Coincidence? ;)

You can be having just as much fun as well! Believe it!! ;)

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" BobbyLongKong10 World of sexperience!"
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