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@Bellaazz Yes, that is due he was black. Susie always liked brown men. But Axel was the only black boyfriend that she had. In the picture they were just kissing each other. He had still not licked her nipples or massaged her pussy but however she was turned on.
Suzy's desire is intense. Kissing is within the reach of the cuckold husband, but in this field also the lover is superior. Very soon the women who become the 'regular women' of real men like Axel there no longer embrace much their husbands... It is easy, 'logical' to accept that BBC uses alone wife pussy because comparison between husband penis justify it, but it is 'harder' to accept for the kiss that you THINK can do well too. It is only at this point that the cuckold become aware about the correlation between wife mouth and pussy.
Do Suzy 'give' mouth, pussy and eventually ass ONLY or quite only to Axel ?
@cornutocornuta My wife never had anal sex. She doesn't like it. Me neither. The only thing that she gave only to Axel and another of her ex boyfriends called Dennis (who was a latin mestizo guy of which I uploaded a short clip recently), were blowjobs until they cummed. Susie had eaten their cums once with everyone of them before I met her.
@Bellaazz I agree. Great part of the sexual excitation comes from our minds and Susie always felt more attraction for brown or black men in the past.
@calixto Yes, for sure. The mind is the most powerful thing of all. When my wife was so easily able to obtain an orgasm with her bull the first time they were together, it convinced me that she found the situation and mental aspect as hot as I did

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My wife and her ex black boyfriend
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