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@lotsatna4u I'm more wide then anything! Im really not sure. Most women love my girth. I'd say I'm about 7.5-8 inches long and close to 1.5 inches in thickness.
Wow, yes its perfect, I love a thick big cock like yours.
And uncut is so sexy.
You must have a lot of white women.
I'm so turned on just looking at it. And I'm telling my husband how much I love your cock. He knows how much I'm obsessed with bbc
@lotsatna4u Thanks the compliments are greatly appreciated. Again, your no slouch yourself. Actually I've only had 2 sexual encounters with white women. Great times. I really have no preference in race so I uusually go with which female is feeling me the most. Most of my sexual escapades have been with black, Hispanic, and other ethnicities. Hoping I can make up for some lost time through this community!!
Omg, you will have no ploblem getting white women. I know from experience that many either are open about wanting black men sexually, or secretly desire them.
If you didn't already know we talk about this when we are together, some friends of ours know I'm into this lifestyle, and constantly question me about them. Alwaysawking how big was his cock.
So white women want hung BBC like you.
Yes, I do. Always have. I'm very lucky that way. And I love all the attention and comments.
Honestly I'm submissive, and an exibisionist. Love dressing sluty and watching black men looking at me

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