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Ohhh, in fully Glory and shaved and sexy fishnet heels PVC gosh u got it all Ann xxxx love it
@Ann4BBC i like that too! you said that many many times seriously why haven't you done it??? The thickness of your lips is perfect then you see your inner labia sandwiched between the outter labia simply beautiful. X
@clitlove99 Thanx! I think the thing is, I am planning on having just one more tattoo later this year. I, my hubby and others, keep changing our preference. Leon wants me to have his name on me, when im with him and horny i really want it. But other times me and hubby prefer the 'Black cock only' above my pussy or the 'black only' above and below my ass hole. Got plenty of time to decide yet!
Presume you would like this one best? X
@Ann4BBC "BBC Ownly" is my preference placing someone's name on you honestly would lose some of my favor! you'd become exclusive therefore diminished, it's your life do with it what you will it's only my opinion. thoughts of an alpha! X
@clitlove99 thanx for your thoughts, I dont like the idea of becoming exclusive and therefore diminished in other black guys eyes! So that will help make my mind up! X
@Ann4BBC thanks for not being offended! We all want your sweet yet ultra pungent holes ;) Titling them for us all is hot, and it's dual purposes the tattoos becomes exclusive for each man your with! X
I love the tat and the outfit and also to help you more you belong too every BBC You will never belong to just one That's. How you become a Queen. Of Spade You Are A BBC Whore for Every. Black Cock Repost as Soon as you receive this message no matter what time it is!!!!!!! And Make Sure I See It!!!!!

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@marty tee thanx!, yea I think Im agreeing about that. Love the way you say im 'a whore for every black cock' and not belong to just one! These comments are definitely helping me decide my next tatt and the direction I should go! X

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