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love the photo
my girl G and I gave a special Bday present to our BBC hunk friend Damian
he is 24 and tall and handsome and hot with a pretty bbc
he got 2 asian milfs
we are over 40 and hot and it was a blast
we left damian drained but smiling ear to ear
he was soo good young and hot and full of cum lol
One of my stories: hope I do not bore you.
couple of years ago hubby is out of town, its a Fri and I attended a bachelorette party 30 hot asian women (we like to dress up and out do each other) This group is not part of lifestyle so I do not reveal much about my bbc passion.
we are drinking margaritas, dancing and then the stripper guy comes to entertain us. he is young, thin and hot and black he plays with all the girls dancing flirting teasing us he stripped to his g string. we all had wild time and at the end of the night some of us went to a dance club we took him with us.
I danced with him and we dirty danced and I was lit up and horny as hell, one by one the other girls left, down to two ladies and this guy, he informed us he did not drive I lived closest to him so I "volunteered" to drop him off no sooner did we get to my car and we started making out "wow" now I am really hot driving him home, we are playing with each other he has his hands up my dress and plays with my tits and I kiss him and squeezed his cock and he is packing.
get to his place and he says come inside. I did and within 5 min I am naked except for my heels and I have his cock in my mouth. needless to say stripper guy had this asian slut in all positions and I came all over the place and I know he came in my mouth in my pussy and all over my tits. I am drunk, satiated and tired and we fall asleep on his bed. sometime later I feel hands caressing my body and my pussy, I tell derrick later baby , but he puts his finger in me I wake up to find another black man, heavier, not as cute in bed with me it is the roomate and when I protest he just says he wanted some black dick and I need some pussy and he proceeds to use me as he pleases in my mouth, my pussy even my ass and then after he cums in me. he tells me . Hey bitch you gotta go my girl will be home soon and he practically throws me out of the house naked Iquickly slip on my pink dress and crying I drive home as soon as I can.
If he had been nice to me I wouldnt have minded, but felt used and abused
thank god he did not really hurt me, just really rough sex.
When hubby got home I told him about it.
You do have to be carefull Thank god no STDs.
@Jon and Annie T

Hi Annie what an experience, if you look back now, was it something you wish that never has happened to you, or did you feel it was risky but also very exciting? After all it is a lesson for the next time.



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