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In high school, I was a cheerleader, and we rode the activity bus with the basketball team, to and from games.

One of the players started sitting across the aisle from my seat, when we were some of the last ones on the bus. He talked to me some, and one night, he caught me looking at his hand, which was on his crotch. He looked at me and smiled, and I looked away, embarrassed.

I tried to compose myself and he whispered my name! I looked over, and he had his penis out
of the leg of his shorts. The head was coming out of his skin, and he just smiled, when he saw the look on my face. I was really embarrassed that time, and I did not look at him again that night.

On the way home from another game, he asked if he could sit and talk with me, and said that
he hoped that I was not too upset with him about that incident. He was nice, and I told him that
I was okay now. Then he proceeded to explain that he had been watching me for a long time, admiring my butt, and imagining how I looked naked! I was taken back by that comment, and got a little angry. Then he told me that, by the look on my face, when I saw his penis, that I
was curious and maybe a little interested, or so he thought! ( I could not admit that he was right, and I said that he was the first black man that I had ever seen! )

For the next few games, he was nice, but only said hi, and sat a few seats behind me.
We made the playoffs that year, and on one of our trips home, I thought that he was asleep, and I was looking at him across the aisle. HIs hands were large, with long fingers, and he had
them in his lap. I saw him move, out of the corner of my eye, and when I looked over again,
he had his erection in his hand, in plain site for me to see everything. (I had only had sex with two boys before and neither had a penis that large, and both were white!)

Ideas were rolling through my head, but that just was not an option during those years! I would have been branded for life as a slut or whore, and I could not take that chance!

I did have butterflies in my belly, and I think that is why I have always thought that I like the look of a nice black penis and the exciting contrast of our skin together.

Besides, I am old enough, and mature enough to be with whomever I have a desire to be with!

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