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That is why my girl is known as Juicy Lucy. I am 40 And have never had a pussy that felt like a MILF feels .
@tstud @tstud The only thing to keep us from being sad right now because she has 2 or 3 more months of going to gym . When we wish we was going to Miami and doing are first Video ever of her for entire world to watch her do what she did in that avatar. She was fucking only tall white guys 10 or over then had my 8 inch Black Beer Can pipe .Then got sick so she said after I get cancer free . We are going on a Non Stop Plenty Pussy Tour With Me and Any monster that will team up with me and She wants to look every bull in the eyes then put those fine ass thighs behind her head and tell them to go so fucking balls deep and never pull out cuz she could never have to worry and every bull gets a free ride because every guy knows that the extra pumps we get when we don't have to stop and tribute .. Is the holy grail of Busting a NUT.
@tstud She got to show me her top White Rednecks and I saw some beanpole dude size 17 shoe and this dude with the white guy mustache. Had fucking a 12 inch fat as my fucking arm Dick. and I have to keep it real .Would destroy any porn of today with Johny Holmes type guy.
She is so fucking beautiful and her pussy is juicy just like my girl who is 52 and said to me that you look so great and young she respects the hell out of you!

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