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@ScarlettOooo - I stand corrected, thank you for setting me straight my darling. Anyhow, he may have a little finger, little feet, and a little white cock but at least you know the BiGBlackBull is a big enough man to correct himself when wrong, and my fingers, feet (size 11 shoes) and BBC ain't little at all. Cut them zeros and get with this Black Jon Snow hero babe.
@ScarlettOooo - I know boo and you would be obsessed with me too cause I'm the real-life myth and legend champion of those who need help and protection. You know I know magic and I'm a warrior with a heart of gold. So come unfold the scroll and roll wit me on a fun and adventurous crusade over the summer and visit many places all over the land of USA westeros country doing good deeds for people.

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