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Chicago Sue Playing

Hubby films one hot night with her Lover
@littlejohn yes your so right and its great. I use to follow here yahoogroups and actually bought video from the guy who was doing this her b/f beleive he passed. i was trying to let him, let me go to chi and watch one time. I have alot of her vids and pix.
My all-time favorite Chicago Sue clip. This was one of the first IR clips I ever saw and was WAY more turned on than I wanted to be, or wanted to show. Found myself wishing I was her that night and tried to reenact this with my BF Deke. Every time I see how big her lover is here, it gets my juices flowing! Would love to have been his girl! And her unbridled passion! OMG, Love this clip!

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And when he stand up and she is on her knees naked before him...I'm a puddle! I better stop before I start making shameless confessions! LOL!

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