Josh what a lucky guy I am that I just happened to catch this. I might not have ever seen it. I take it that that is another couple that you know and that is so great. Where they take a mini break and hubby kisses his wife so sweetly. So beautiful all in all and she loved their black friend to not only fuck and cum in her pussy as I read it but at some point later-other day fucked her pussy and then slid his penis into her ass and came in her ass. That is a terrific way to do it when the wife likes anal. So great. If a picture/photo is worth a thousand words geez what is a vid worth???
But wait...what bred twice. You mean knocked up by black dick twice and had the babies or just ejaculated in twice. Would love to see where they can make a reality show of their adventures. Good grief we have achieved the ultimo Houston! the moon is nothing compared to this. Maybe you could comment me by conversation like one other fellow and his wife did but really couples should place as much as possible as public as possible and being that open in a comment section like this is as open to as many as I can think of unless they have a thread lurking ready to burst to the surface for all to see and enjoy with them. I assume a 'reality show' might be a series they post to say xHamster or or such?
What is their usename so we can look them up? Hot wife award 2016 I guess!!
I have only seen yours that is apparently of your wife at work-is that right? VERY VERY HOT clip for sure. I will get to the rest most immediately. WOW what a great combination you two couples make. Or do you have a thread also? At any rate go to the top of the class! Can't wait to see the rest.
Her moans of loving endearment for their black friend as he cums in her ass-maybe he is their babies black daddy too? Great to think that hubby's wife is a black baby pussy!
Can I get that couples avatar/usename if they have one and that is not an unmannerly no no. I do have to do a search on 'bred wives' babies', etc. as this is an extraordinarily exciting area of cuckolding.
I searched 'reality sex show' and they are, as one might expect, extremely tame so it doesn't look like they would any build-up to sperm delivery, but they would put out there the fact that the couple have love BBC to where she has been bred twice.
I suppose any large porn company would pay good money for a series of clips detailing the history up to the couple being with the babies-newborn photos that do not identify the children. but I think I would just go for my own control of my own project (the project being putting the clips out there for as many as possible to enjoy-the baby making is not a 'project' in that impersonal sense) and put out a series of clips showing the couples history with BBC like: and where it is suggested anyway that she ends up preg.
Hope to find more-it can't just end here.
Do hope and I think it is unlikely that the couple will choose to go the commercial route as the money aspect cheapens a loving experience. Better to keep it in the family and the world wide family of interracial cuckolding. It is not like they are hiding anything. Every time the couple walk down the street with their children, everyone will know that one or a few BBCs have spent some lesser or greater amount of time fucking and ejaculating in that white pussy to create that level of commitment! Bet wifey and hubby love that! Maybe easy times will find her bending over in the park for a few black guys welcoming them the convenience and experience of their big Afro penises fucking and nutting their very hornily appreciative loads in a white pussy.

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