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Speaks for itself now get on your knees you fuckin whore.. and drink your milk and turn around so I can beat your pussyburger to death and stuff you booty with all this dickmeat.
Mmm, after having my first black baby this summer and get my body back I would love form you to fuck this married black cock whore. Fucking my hungry pussy with your bbc would feel amazing.
@Sexy Redhead There you have it! Already arranged for Summer-Fall dick downs. I'll stay single for a while until I can fulfill that unless I run into a slut who will let me fuck you and her.. shii..fuck that.. She WILL! I'M A MANDINGO MASTER! ;)
@Sexy Redhead Why thank you love.. I've been told since I was a preteen that I've got one of the beautiful dicks a female has ever seen. That just know fine delectables when you see it and when you taste it! Pineapple/Mango smoothies, Naked Smoothie protein drinks and LOTS of water will make it even better as far as taste goes when I shoot that cream dream down your throat.

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