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Such a hot photo.
I love being in a club surrounded by black men. And getting a lot of attention and hearing the comments and remarks.
I've been lucky to have had great times at several clubs.
As soon as I go in, I'm immediately hit on and always turn down the white guys as I stare at the sexy black guys. I like to see the looks white guys have as I allow black men to grope me on the dance floor. I a,ways seem to find myself in the center of a group of black me as I'm dancing. And like when I feel their strange hands touching me.
And the best is when white couples watch me as this happens. I can see the men rubbing their cocks and the women with eyes wide with amazment. As I'm having different guys hitting on me and grabbing my body. I believe the other white women wish it was them having the attention and comments I get.

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