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Juls' Cleaning Adventure

Helping a friend clean his kitchen
This is a real story. I am married and my husband knows and supports my desire to play. I can't say that this is a cuckold situation though, it's closer to a D/s without the punishment. I am pretty submissive but also bratty so I'm not easy unless you know what button to push. Sorry this isn't an interracial story but I don't have very much experience yet.

My husband has a friend, we will call him Joe, who at the time of this story was going through a divorce. He was living in an apartment but needed to move out quickly, I didn't get all of the details why he needed to move so quickly. I had met Joe a few times at cookouts or work functions and he seemed to be a nice guy, not great looking, just average but could make just about anyone laugh. He had wandering eyes and seemed to always check me out when ever he was at our house or we were out together. Nothing creepy, just flirty and when my husband wasn't around he got a little touchy feely with me. A hand brushing my ass after a hug or a brush with his hips when squeezing by in the kitchen, stuff like that but again, nothing too aggressive or creepy. I felt bad for him because his wife, whom I'd never met, was really going after him in the divorce.

At one of parties Joe was talking about how he had to clean his place before he moved out and needed some help. None of his friends stepped up to help clean, they all said they would help with moving furniture or boxes but he was on his own to clean.. what's up with you men?? My husband glanced at me with a look that asked if I would help him out. I volunteered, not that I like to clean, but again I felt bad for the guy. He thanked me and said that he would have food and drinks. He gave me a little too long hug when he left and we made arrangements to meet the next weekend. I talked to my husband and told him about Joe's advances. My husband said that he was lonely and didn't get out much because he was so strapped for cash. He told me to wear something cute next week so Joe could jerk off after I left. He then pulled me close and asked if I was interested in Joe. I told him no and honestly I meant it. He smacked me on the ass and said that it was probably for the best, that Joe's cock was probably too big for me to handle.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. I picked out a pair of shorts and a T-shirt to wear to help Joe clean. Nothing cute or nice, I expected to get dirty. I should mention that I don't wear panties unless I absolutely have to. The shorts I chose were loose fitting knit. I thought about wearing panties with them but thought it might be fun to tease Joe a little if he caught me bending over or something. I got to Joe's apartment and he helped me bring in my cleaning supplies. He had pizza and beer for us. I'm not much of a beer drinker and told him that water would be fine for me. He then got out a bottle of vodka and asked if I would prefer a mixed drink instead. He had some cran-grape so I told him that would be fine. I took my drink and slice to one of the empty bedrooms and started cleaning. He was moving boxes out into the moving truck. I finished the room and my drink in about 45 minutes, the room wasn't bad. I went into the kitchen and put my glass on the counter and went to the bathroom. When I came back out my glass was full and Joe asked if I could start on the kitchen.

He moved another set of boxes out while I started on the kitchen. I noticed that my second drink was a bit stronger than the first, and the first one had me a little tipsy already. I opted for another slice of pizza to assist with the alcohol absorption. After Joe loaded the set of boxes he came back and got two shot glasses out and poured vodka into them. He toasted "Here's to you helping me out in my time of need" I was hesitant but the remark was genuine so I "manned up" and took my shot. He thanked me again and then was off loading more boxes. I had to take a drink of my own drink to wash down the shot, silly I know but I did. When he got back again I was definitely tipsy and told him so. I was on a step ladder cleaning the cabinets out and laughing because I was dizzy. I asked him if he was trying to get me drunk. He laughed and told me no and that he would get finish the cabinets. I told him I could do it, remember I'm bratty, and he walked over and said at least he could steady me so I didn't fall.

I didn't realize at first that he could see up my shorts but I caught him looking one time when I asked for a bite of pizza. Catching him made me tingle a little. After my bite Joe handed me my drink. I took a drink and asked him again if he was trying to get me drunk. He asked if it was working and I said maybe. I leaned over more to tease him and reached into the cabinet to wipe down the back wall. I lost my balance a little and wobbled, Joe put his hands on my hips to steady me and I laughed and thanked him. It got really quiet as I cleaned the cabinet. I finished and noticed the tension in the air as I stepped down. I moved the step ladder to the next cabinet and Joe stayed put behind me. He put his hands on the outside of my thighs as I stepped up. My heart was thudding a little bit in my chest as I asked myself what I was doing! Joe moved his hands along my thighs and complimented me on my legs. I'm a runner so that peaked my vanity so I thanked him for the compliment. He was talking about how muscular they were and I was focusing on not falling off of the ladder and trying to decide how far I was going to let this go when I noticed his hands were only on my left leg, one on the outside and one on the inside. I asked for my drink and he left his hand on the inside of my thigh and handed it to me. I took a big gulp and handed it back to him. I don't know if he took that as a cue to try something but the look on his face when he took the glass back told me that this situation had just changed.

I cleared my throat and asked him where he was moving to. He told me while he slid his hand a little higher on my thigh. I told him that I thought it was a good neighborhood as I felt the tip of his finger touch my cunt. (I'm not like most women, I use the C word, I think pussy is worse than cunt. My husband couldn't believe it when I told him.) I involuntarily shifted a little but he never moved his hand. He asked me if I knew of any good places to eat near where he was moving and I started to tell him. He slid a finger inside of me as I talked. I shifted my legs open a little more letting him know that what he was doing was good. I talked and he fingered me. I gripped the cabinet and slid another finger into me. I asked for my drink and he handed it to me. As I took my drink he slipped his fingers out and then slipped my shorts down over my ass and legs letting them rest at my ankles. I handed him my drink and then stepped out of my shorts. I got down and moved the ladder to the next cabinet and got back up. His fingers slid back into me and then I felt his tongue on my ass. I'm not sure how long he did that but I didn't cum. I moaned a lot and pushed back into him and eventually knelt on the counter so he could lick my clit. When I realized the position or situation wasn't going to get me off I got down. He pulled my shirt off and pressed my shoulders down so I knelt in front of him. He took his cock out and it was big and thick. Pre cum was dripping off of it, I love pre cum, so I took him in my mouth. His cock got bigger as I sucked it and I can say that he had the largest cock I've ever had. The thickest by far. I did my best getting it into my throat, gagging and sucking. Joe put his hands on my head and pushed me down and bobbed my head up and down on him. He was talking but I don't really know what he was saying.

Eventually he pulled me up and said that he thought I should clean the back bedroom now. I wasn't prepared to fuck him so I hesitated and said that I should probably call my husband to let him know that everything was going ok, or at least send him a text or something. Joe took my arm and walked me back to the bedroom. I protested a little but went with him. We got to the room and he sat me down on the bed and pushed me back and went down on me again. I was looking up at the ceiling and trying to figure out again how far this was going to go when he locked in on my clit. He was getting me good so I relaxed and let my legs fall open and rocked my hips to try and let myself cum. I was close when he stopped and took his pants and boxers off. I moaned about how close I was and he asked if I thought we should dust the ceiling fan. The casual nature of his comment caught me off guard and so I looked up at the fan. I noticed that the fan was not too dusty when I felt his cock rubbing against my cunt.

I'm pretty tight. Not bragging but I've never had kids and every man I've slept with has commented on how tight I am. Even my OB said that my husband was a lucky man. I should also say that while I "play" I don't often fuck. I'll blow some guys or let them take my ass but I'm more reserved about who I fuck. So back to Joe... I tensed up when I felt him rub against me and he asked me again about the fan. I told him that he should probably dust it. Joe pushed my knees apart and I then noticed him taking a picture. I asked him how many pictures he had taken and he told me he was taking pictures when I was blowing him and was surprised I didn't notice the flash. I didn't know if I should be mad at him or what I should feel. I asked him if my husband set this up. Joe said no and I gave him a look that said don't lie to me. He again reiterated that my husband only told him that we liked to play occasionally, which is why he did what he did in the kitchen. I said so that explains all the flirty stuff you always do. He nodded and pushed the head of his cock inside of me. I gasped and groaned and moaned and told him I wasn't so sure about this. He grabbed my hips and slowly worked more of it into me. I told him that I needed to call my husband. He pulled out of me and put his hand on my belly and told me to relax. I was breathing heavy and rotating my hips up and down. His cock was huge.

Joe grabbed my legs and rolled me over and rubbed my back. He again told me to relax and tossed his phone next to me and told me to call my husband on his phone if I wanted. I picked it up right as Joe pulled my hips up and I felt his cock pressing against my cunt again. I took a deep breath and asked Joe what is passcode was to open his phone. He pressed his cock into me and told me the numbers. My mouth fell open and I had to brace myself so I put the phone down. He kept rubbing my back and telling me to relax as he pumped his cock into me from behind. I felt his thumbs pull my ass open and yelped when his cock went deeper. I heard him say something like "that's a good girl, all slick now" and I shuddered. Good girl is one of my buttons. I started to moan a little and then he started to fuck me. I remember looking at the phone and hearing the slap of his hips against my ass. I came twice during before he finished.

He came in me and then picked his phone up and heard him taking pictures again. He sent me what I've posted here and I showed them to my husband as I told him. He thought it was pretty hot. I would like to say that was the only time Joe fucked me and that I could blame it on me being drunk but after he moved my husband and I were helping him move in. When my husband went for a food run Joe found me in one of the bedrooms and just walked up and pulled my shorts down. He said "No panties, nice" and then bent me over over one of the stacks of boxes. I asked him what he was doing and where my husband was. Joe told me that he was getting food and pushed his cock into me. He commented that I was already wet and to be honest I was wet for a while that day because of the first encounter. He pulled out this time and came in my mouth. While he was cumming he said that he didn't want me dripping out of my shorts all day.

I hope you enjoyed, I know I did. We still see Joe occasionally. I'll let you know if anything happens again.


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