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Aftermath of my GF and roomie planning a GB

Went to a party at a friend of my roomie, where i was promptly grabbed toed down on a pool chair, and had at least 6 or 7 BBCs as well as my roommates giant black cock pump me full of several loads each. They also cut my clothes off, and made me walk home wearing a g string, micro mini dripping cum
Sooo Very Hottttt... I would have Luved for my boi-pussy to be abused like That ,& be Pumped-Full of cummmmm
@1cummthirsty iwas lucky enough to have a roomie, who would fuck me often, most nights falling asleep, cock still buried balls deep inside me. Loved when my GF would leave me tied up in position and he would walk in, and have his way. Felt so good, and walking down the street two miles, cum dripping out like a leakinf faucet the entire way.... cum all over my face, hair and body. White guys in west hollywood hitting on me, turning them down with, sorry boys, this man is a black cock slut with many big black men to serve.
@1cummthirsty but since moving to rural missouri choices are slim on cock, white tony dicks, including my own dont deserve a tight hole left on this planet. I had to take two white guys cocks to enjoy sex with white guys. Hell my cock was bigger than either. Had them each grab one of my huge dildos and slide it in after they placed their cocks in my ass. I ride them morning and night for at leadt 30 miutes daily. I seriouslt aspire to be pimped out to black men, to be nothing more than a cheap little dirty whore. Hell, the last black guy i fucked, who insisted on using a rubber because the first time at a party he came in a minute(which broke, and he came in my ass anyways, but lasted over an hour, love when a black guy does just a little cocaine to where they take a long time to bust a nut) and i told him relax, not his fault magnum XL was too small, as i sucked him clean and hard again, and rode him as he pawed my ass whole my GF filmed it, and his friends then all bukkaked me with my GF using all the cum as lube to easily with little effort fist my ass, as i begged for more. Seriously, when i was getting fucked by that roomie and isually a friend or two of his daily, i was sexually content, even going weeks sometimes without my cock being touched.

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