A Snippet Of Me

Hope every lady enjoys this as much as i enjoyed making it and putting it together. Steam up and turn up the heat. Enjoy.

david1987, May 30, 2016
    • Miamicouple
      Says format not supported. Just so you know.
    • david1987
      @Miamicouple plays pretty well on my side both on mobile device and desktop. Be sure to have latest Adobe Flash if you are using desktop. On mobile be on Google Chrome.
    • Miamicouple
      Sorry. No thanks. I have Apple devices. Sorry!
    • david1987
      @Miamicouple it's not about the brand I hope you are aware of that. And based on the number of views the clip received (both here on forum and the blog) I'd say the issue is with your device firmware.
    • Miamicouple
      You know Flash does not work on Apple products don't you??? Many people maybe watching on personal computers or android phones. But it's no a big deal hun.
    • david1987
      @Miamicouple best way to say it (all I said above were suggestions) you can enquire more about the unsupported format for your particular device. Enjoy.
    • Miamicouple
      Ok. Good luck in your search!
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