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A little splash of color

I like the way my breasts look here and I thought you might like my red panties.
@Maxthik I think I'd love to watch that black beauty as it spurted out big splashes of milky white. I can't decide if I want to be able to see it the first time or feel it inside me.
Then I definitely want to watch you splash my tits with white the first time. I want to play with all that cum. I want to lick your cum off my fingers. Or rub some onto my nipples and lick it off. I love that musky, unique smell of a man's cum.
I want you to watch as I play with your cum and clean it all up. Then I'm going to lick your cock clean. I am going to polish your cock with my mouth and tongue like a priest polishes a chalice.

Then I want to lay back, spread my legs and have you fuck me slow and deep. I want to cum over and over again, until I'm begging for your cum. I want to lay back and feel you pumping another how sticky load as far up my pussy as you can get it.
I'm glad you like my outfit. I felt kind of naughty and sexy wearing it, but it still covered just enough.
I think I'd like for you to undress me. I know I'd love to hear more about what you'd do with my naked body.

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