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Your wife – black Master

Honey, please don’t be mad and make a scene in front of Black Master. You wanted this remeber? He said I can jerk you off once a month and you can tell your friends we adopted. I love youYour wife with black MasterYour wife with black Master
Admit it wedding rings and Black cock make your little white dick so hard!
Your wife with black Master
She never cums on your cock like this does she cuck?
Your wife with black Master

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7 thoughts on “Your wife – black Master

  1. Great 1st pic, wife and cucked hub kneeling before their black master, all accepting and relishing their lives and the order of life. Top = black master, next=white wife, bottom of pile=cucked husband.

  2. Nothing like seeing the face of a white women truly enjoying
    BBC sex.
    Of course we owe it all to the great Black Men who make it all
    We whites owe so much to those great black men who provide
    white women with the only great sex they will ever experience.

  3. Nice post that tells it like it is. The black man controls the white couples sexual activity completely. He gives the white wife permission to give hubby a hand job once a month and nothing more than that. While on the other hand she is sexually serviced and satisfied many times in a month by the black man.

    A perfect setup for all white couples. The white hubby’s should all be in a chastity device though with this being a direct order from the black man. This is the only true way that he could insure that the hubby’s remained totally celibate and faithful to their wives.

    1. this is the future of whites. blacks will take total control and whites will be sex slaves. it is the only fair response to what we white people did to the blacks. I submit and accept this.

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