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19 thoughts on “Why has interracial sex become so popular?

    1. How sad a life. To only have a picture of a dick in your mind for the last 30 yrs. tell your parent they raised a greak kid a deserve the parenting of the year award.

  1. I agree with Jill. It has been happening for many years but there has certainly been a massive increase of late in popularity and participation. The word has gotten out about the raw sexual power of the black man and the white females are not only listening but are also going out in pursuit of the black guys to make that white pussy available to them.

  2. not sudden, white women have wanted black men since the world existed, many U.S. women are depeiving themselves of the REAL pleasure they deserve….blackmeat

  3. I think that todays movies and TV shows has to play a small part!But I also think that it has been around for a long time.And thanks to today’s media,it seems like it is more popular!

  4. Nothing new at all. black guys have the right psychological attitude for white females and the physical attributes to match. Also black lady’s can be a bit limiting in the way they let the men take control they don’t like giving BJs and trying new things, they can be very selfish in bed. Iv had a long term relationship with an African lady and I encouraged my white wife to take a black lover. And you all know which relationship had the most powerful exciting and amazing sex!

  5. Feminism has a lot to do with it. White guys have always been chasing after black pussy, whether they had to pay for it or not. The women’s liberation movement taught that what was considered desirable (interracial sex) by one gender should not be withheld from the other. So white women set out in increasing numbers to explore the eroticism of BBC. As more of them did so, they became more open about it. It became a self-reinforcing process. And as more black women shed historical biases against white men, they too are getting into consensual erotic relationships with white guys. And let’s not forget bi/gay relationships. My gf’s first BBC introduced her to a black girl friend of his who that same evening had my gf muff-diving into her sweet black pussy.

  6. Honey,,Size Does Matter,& having Real Deep Superior Black Seed inseminate these Fertile Pussies,,is Real & Awesome, Sincerely

  7. Lynne,,Please help those other white women experience,,that Awesome Deep Black Passion,,your bragging has made Alot of these nice wive’s Wet,,Highly educated white women are being Deprived of this BLACK SEED PASSION,,sincerely.

  8. Tv see more ebony ivory love mtv miley Kim kardashion famous people make it kool so reg people try it – I’d say 45% of white woman been with black – I’m guesing of course my girlfriend bout ten either gave bj or gotten fucked – true story

  9. It’s a beacon call for more cock and attention. After all, if she’s willing to sleep with blacks, she’ll sleep with anyone. That’s the truth (I know people are already going to call “racist”) I personally like watching interracial for the pure pleasure of seeing these dumb bitches get degraded. It’s a win win. Definitely not keepers though.

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