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18 thoughts on “White woman and black men

  1. The more black men a white woman has the luckier
    she is. She is fortunate if she can find many black men
    to give of their time and talent to have sex with her.
    That’s why we white folks should show our appreciation
    to these kind and consierate black gentlemen. These kind
    black gentlemen who bring so much pleasure to so many
    white women.

  2. Both little white guy and cuckolded wimp obviously have a total lack of self esteem. cuckolded wimp, what is this BS about being someones property? Do you think that little of women and yourself? little white guy, show our appreciation? Get real, black men should be grateful to the white man that allows the black man to fuck his wife. As far as bringing pleasure to the white wife, hell, to the white wife the black man is a toy and just a piece of meat. That’s the real world bois.

  3. Sine i been married 3 yers ago (I’m 27 now) I have had sex with over 20 Black men. Each better than the next. I have introduced several friends and family members to balck cock and all wantit more. My husband has watched me with Blacks many times and jerks off to it. He, my husband has had a visectomy as I am considering of having a Balck mans baby. My husband is all for it.

  4. I have been with several black men–all superior in size and in the passion they display during sex. However, I have also been with a couple black men that were very average in size and performance. A true BLACK MASTER HAS IT ALL; CONFIDENCE, SIZE, AND ATTITUDE!

  5. Joann,

    You are so hot the way you speak. I love the ideas you have! :) You definitely should snip your sissy hubby. Also, when he knows or thinks you have no protection, and are fertile to reproduce, let your black masters plant their dominant seed in you right in front of hubby. Don’t tell hubby. Just let it happen. He will get confused and super frustrated 😉 Then, if hubby retaliates, the dominant black man will manhandle him until he proves to be helpless once more. You will have so much power over him then (and your black men will too). He will fall too deeper hopelessness and complete submission to clean you after you’re dripping and other things. Keep turning white wives onto this hot reality, and when our wives and lives get invaded and powered by hot sexy black men, us white husbands will naturally fall into our place of surrender, where we belong.s
    Keep up the hot work. We want to surrender to you and a black master. We want you to surrender to him. And we want him to be free, and pleasured, as he deserves, and controlling us 😀

  6. Please all these Naughty girl’s from California,,are Rich with Money,,but Deep BLACK Seed,,We NEED Now,,Yes I,ve been Caught with Alot of Deep Black Penetration,,but never enough. Happy Holla Day;s. Don’t wait. Black only.

  7. I have posted these Hot photo’s,,in every adult club in America,,Don’t be shy Share those Sweet Fertile pussies. i know your jacking off.

  8. make room at the maternity ward,,anther HOT Couple is Expecting,,HOT.,,Love to be Neighbor’s.,,i would baby sit. he has Alot of BLACK FRIEND’S.

  9. why can’t you Black guy’s Breed these Hot women,,We all approve,,they Love bragging about that Superior Black Seed,,I love sharing with new wive’s.

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