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This is the true story of how my wife became a hot wife that craved Big Black Cock

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Hot housewife have fun with her black lover
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62 thoughts on “True

  1. i have chatted with your wife on yahoo. i had to out of the country and lost contact with her. But we where def talking about hooking up. would love to reach out to her again

  2. This gorgeous new hotwife is gonna have the time of her life enjoying the miles of BBC heading her way. That fine pink pussy of hers will be kept nice and busy as the bulls work her to her fullest erotic potential.

  3. fucking awsome vid great editing vid pix and love the soundtrack lol i know a few girls i grew up with from rich famlys that ended up bein blacked by the dope man lol

  4. pathetic ugly white boy you really think you going to keep that hot blonde bitch happy with your minature white dick no fuckin way she gonna want the black mans cock so she be sexualy satisfyed. so surprise that she took two years to dump your sorry white ass and get some black cock fucking satifaction. now she got what she wants you go sit in the corner and wack off while she pay tribute to her black mans cock

  5. A great story and this is happening all over Europe and North America as white wives crave more and more black men to breed them with the husbands agreement. The UK 2011 census figures show a massive increase in mixed race children being born – not always blacl x white but they form the vast majority

  6. Wow im here here for the black guys but your wife is hott, what a naughty girl :)

    Upload some more pictures and videos of her pleeeez hun, im gonna show this vid to my bf to show him its normal…. Sneaking around is getting harder these day haha

  7. That’s some OG track from back in the day! LOL Hot ass wife. She can suck and fuck like a real slut. It’s time to take it to the next level, my friend. Time to get her BLACKBRED! Swollen belly and lactating tits! All that. She was MADE FOR THIS! 😉

  8. I have seen these pics on a video before kinda like the other one better wher the husband convinces the wife to tryblack, she is sexy

  9. Lauren is such a sexy lady.I love to look at pitcures of her and then you put a black man with a big cock in her and she is unreal.Please put more of her on.

    1. Hi Im a single white male. I have always gotten super horny thinking of a bbc fucking someone Im with. i got my then wife back in 1999 to try this a few times but she doesnt like black. Perhap that why we got divorce. Anyway like to hear from you on this.


  10. hey!!! i really would love to find out who this girl is…..if anyone knows anything about her or maybe how to get ahold of her id really appreciate it :) she makes my pussy soooo wet!!!

  11. you did it so how was it ? was this your first BBC will we be seeing more of that hot wife getting her dark side on

  12. can i get into contact without wife on how to convince my wife top try bbc. Be nice to get some adVise from her or both of you two. Thank you

  13. Your wife is gorgeous and it is so hot that you share her like you do. I’ve seen her go from taking black cock with condoms to full on backback fucking. Why did the two of you decided to let her go bare?

  14. Wow Soooo Very Hotttt … Awesome that U Luv for her to be Immensely Pleasured by Awesome Blk Men & their Cocks …. Id Luv to find another SIZE QOS Cuckoldress ,to be her BBC LUVIN cummthirsty cucky .. Awesome Vid & She is Smokin Hottt , Yummmmmm

  15. I came across you two on this site and on CL but before I could respond to your post on CL you all had taken it down. You all were looking to play in Arlington Texas. If you are still looking to play with BBC’s give me a shout out here and I will get back with you ASAP your wife is sexy as Hell my man and I would love to service her with some BBC!!!

  16. AWESOME. Deeper,Blacker the berry,,Sweeter the juice.,,i Love sharing this sweet FERTILE PUSSY,,SUPERIOR BLACK SEED.

  17. Honey,,there is no Faking that ORGASM,,Lets spread the EXCITMENT,,that naughty body is READY 4 Deep INSEMINATION,,its time 2 be HONEST.

  18. Nice and enjoyable video. You’ve the perfect wife; a princess and a whore je. I’d really love watching more videos and pics of her taking bbc je

  19. I am a pathetic weakling white boi married to a beautiful, sexy Asian woman. We no longer have sex. One night, as we were leaving a pub I was mugged. The young, strong Black thug beat me badly. I didn’t stand a chance against him . After taking my wallet he took my wife who I found out later had been watching. Not getting help. Ever since she only had sex with young Black Men. The Real Men.

  20. She’s so good looking and it makes sense for her to go black. Lots of white married women are taking black lovers secretly or openly. It’s great! I love it myself. I’m a black cock whore now too and love the lifestyle.

  21. She is one of my favorite hotwife’s online. She is the reason I encouraged my wife to find satisfaction outside our bedroom. Love to see any and all if there are more or new pictures please keep posting.

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