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Traveling married attractive white wife, 47, for black men!

I am a very married working white wife of 47. I work and travel as an on-site insurance claims rep. I discovered the excitement of black men while on a trip just three years ago at age 44. Like many white gals of my age, I have always had fantasies about black men, but my much older husband would throw me out of the house without so much as my car keys if he ever suspected I was playing around with black men…so I am careful and selective, but I am addicted!

I’m 5’3", 105 lbs, measure 35C-25-36, and am considered attractive with a working soccer mom look. My travels take me all over the country, and while traveling I am free to meet. Just locking eyes with a black man is enough to make my juices flow and my tight, receptive pussy have contractions. I love teasing, wearing sexy clothes, being the only white woman in an all black club, love being a hostess for "my man…" when it has the guys over. Sexually, nothing is too far out, and I am responsive and love the excitement of being around black men!Traveling married attractive white wife

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76 thoughts on “Traveling married attractive white wife, 47, for black men!

      1. Hi Peggy,

        My name is Will and I’m in Birmingham, Al. I would like to hook up with you if you are ever in Birmingham. Let me know if you will be in the area.

    1. Hi…

      Now that the weather has warmed up, I might get an assignment up that way sometime. Tell me more and I’ll certainly consider it!

      Naked kisses,

    1. Oh honey,

      I’m sorry…I just don’t get over to the UK all that often. If you ever come this way, I would certainly love to have you slip my panties off sometime!


    1. Hi Lamont…

      Gotta tell me where in NY, honey. City or up state??? I do meet black men who have a real desire for married white ladies, and will meet you…

      Wet & juicy,

    1. Hi Chris…

      Wow! It has been a long time since I have been up your way? Do you ever get down to Tennessee? I love meeting black men who want to SHOW ME a good time!

      Naked kisses,

    1. Hi there…

      I was in Fargo and Grand Falls last year doing claims when you guys had those nasty floods. Perhaps something will bring me your way… just stay in touch!


    1. Hi there….

      I do get to DC quite a bit, but normally stay across the river in Virginia… at either the Marriott in Crystal City or the Holiday in at Tyson’s Corner. I can let you know when I will be there next time if you are seriously interested in meeting a married white gal of 47 who loves BBCs!

      Naked kisses,

      1. Peggy,

        Let me know when in town. Either location is good. Tysons is a great place to grab a drink then some dessert.


  1. love the back shot view if u ever in maryland give me a holla. in the mean time hit me up in the community under the same name i have here

    1. Hi Mike!

      Oh my goodness… 9″…. that is certainly enough to make my mouth water and my pussy juicy! I do get to Chicago some and when there I always stay at the Marriott on the Kennedy about half way between ORD and downtown.

      Bring that hungry 9″ with you and I’ll show you just how hot a married white gal can get! Can I have it all???


    1. Darling,

      I’ll have to tell you right up front… if you have 10″ of black cock waiting for my white pussy, I’ll be on my knees begging you to give me some of it when we meet. When we do meet, and yes, I do get to NYC, I would LOVE to meet you and get naked and have you fuck my pussy until neither of us can walk!!!

      I want some!

  2. I would love to meet you if you travel near Killeen/Fort Hood, TX let me know I would throw a BBC party for you and make sure you have an awesome night

    1. Oh my goodness… what a delightful invitation!

      Yes…I will let you know and Yes… I would LOVE to be the center of attention!!!

      Naked kisses,

    1. Hi Peggy i was wondering do you ever come to nc and if you do what part drop me a line nice thick 9 ” for you here gmail is the hit up i want to see how white you get

  3. Hello honney Im a master Bull from the mexican caribeean that’s in the riviera maya CAN CUN ,COZUMEL,TULUM AND PLAYA DEL CARMEN and if you or some couple will going to spend a hollydays here,please let me know it

  4. Lotta good offers from across the country to keep your married white pussy busy, Baby. Los Angels BBC is waiting for you whenever you get to town. Let me know when you’l be here and we’ll figure out how to keep you naked and on your knees with your mouth and pussy filled with 8+” of solid dark meat…..

  5. If u ever make it to charlotte, NC I’d love to introduce u to my dick! I can see myself eating both holes from the position you’re in in that pic!! Mmmmmm

  6. hello sexy if you come to hollywood /southern ca for business or pleasure please include this adventurous black man with thick curved cock full of cum for fun

  7. Hi if you ever come to The Netherlands wil love to show you around that there is more to cheese,windmills,coffeshops and instead of blowing there you could blow me and we can have real fun the dutch way like an threat to an swingers club…

  8. I too travel for work all over the US. Contact me, and maybe we can get together. Or if you’re in Vegas, where I live, email me and we can have a “cocktail”.

  9. Have you or would you ever allow a guy to hang with you when you are getting your fun?
    Like when your with Black men you know are clean and safe to do bareback.
    Once your done have you or would you allow a guy to worship your sweet pussy?

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