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That black man owns me and my hubby! – free interracial cuckold vids

For several years I was hit on at work by black guys (customers, not coworkers) and I found them quite attractive. I would come home wet every night and have great sex with my husband while fantasizing I was with one of the guys I saw that day. Finally, he said I should try it for real. We placed an ad online, Ben answered it and the rest is pleasant history! See our movie, me and my cuckold hubby with our new black friend!

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21 thoughts on “That black man owns me and my hubby! – free interracial cuckold vids

  1. I enjoyed black men fucking my wife at home in bed. Most of the time I could join in with them. Most of my black coworkers did not mind me having my face in the middle of their fun which I enjoyed a lot.

    There is nothing better in the world and getting a real good luck at a black cock going in and out of your wife’s pussy I totally enjoyed that a lot my black coworkers did also because there other benefits for them.

  2. That’s just as it should be, the black man getting the white pussy and the whitebois helping him get it without getting any himself.

  3. This is exactly what my wife and her black stud make me do.He makes me put on her panties and stockings and one of her sluty sexy teddys.And i have to set and watch them fuck. She loves it.I didn’t know that it was a long time fantasy of hers. I do say I love it! It’s just something to watch my white wife go after that black cock. It was a real turn on,especially when they bring another friend from their work. But they make me clean the house dressed in her teddys while they fuck her. I deserve it and like being cuckold!

    1. I love wearing bra & panties and being tied up while 2 black guys use my wife. I get to jerk off after I clean their cocks. They own us and we love it.

  4. I like to lay on my back,my wife on top 69,i spread her cuntlips,my wife tells me to guide her lover’s cock in her cunt and tell her lover please fuck my wife,by then i am ready to cum,my wife will say”don’t you love watch his cock fuck your wife’s cunt,sorry my cunt belongs to him,she tels her lover,show him how his wife needs to be fuckt,after he shoot his cum deep in her hot cunt,the cum runs out in my mouth and i just am in haven.

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  7. Those of you who degrade us for enjoying sharing our life with hung black guys should try it. You will quickly become addicted. It is the best sex you will ever have.

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