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17 thoughts on “Taking on some of my favorite BBC’s

  1. Nice clear photos of white wives serving BBC.
    These white women are lucky that there are many
    BBCs ready and willing to satisfy them.
    I believe talent should not be wasted – and black
    men are very gifted and talented at satisfying women –
    so it’s nice to see these black gentlemen putting their
    talents to use.

  2. These pictures look very similar to the ones I took of my wife when she got her first, and only to date I must add, black cock! The major differences being that Edwin is much blacker, his cock is much thicker (and longer I suspect … my wife measured him at almost 13 inches) and my wife’s pussy is visibly stretched stretched much more. I particularly appreciate the few shots I have were they show Edwin’s and my wife’s love juices spilling from her pussy around his black cock and dripping down her white ass! My very favorite though is her “cream pie shot!” That one is awesome! She has enough cum on that cream pie to make ten (10) cream pies!

  3. Every black man should have at least one white sex toy/servant.
    White women are made to satisfy and please black men –
    as the women in this site do every day.
    So many white women are happy and honored to serve black men –
    as we see here, other sites, and in evfery day life!

  4. White ladies are put on this earth to satisfy the black man –
    and in the process, she also gets satisfied – as we see in
    this video.
    However, white ladies need to have white baby girls – to provide
    nice white pussy for the pleasure of future generations of black

    1. Yes Henry you are right. I have been into Black men for over 5 years ( I’m 26 now and married for 4 years to a white man). My first baby was a white girl who is just turned 5. After that I stopped having sex with my husband and have sex only with Black men I have 2 Black babies a boy who is 3 and a girl who is 2 1/2. I am now 7 months Black pregnant and proud of it.

  5. All white pussies young or old belong to the superior black man. All white husbands, fathers sons, should ensure the white pussy is available to the black gods 24/7. And should be made compulsory

  6. The pics are amazing. It’s a pitty that he holds her legs spread all the time when they were fucking inmissionary, perhaps she would have felt the needed to wrap them around his body…I really love when I see a white girl wrapping her legs around black male body!

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