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54 thoughts on “Shower Pic

      1. Hi, a respectful hello here. Me and my wife are from the Uk, up North. We’re both early thirties and are still talking things out, she’s not convinced yet but I’m looking to meet people who might be interested if we do go through with it. I’m a member on the site so message me if you might be interested, cheers.

  1. I’m currently in North Carolina. Most woman see it and won’t let me come near them, lol. I wanna find a woman who can take it all, but that’s a hard thing I see.

    1. Hello Brian, it that a picture of you with that gorgeous enormous black cock ? I am an attractive W/F that loves large black cock. I have had several that were very big but not as big as you are. I want to try and take it all. It is sooo big I am so wet looking at it. It looks at least a foot long and not even hard, Does it get much bigger when you get hard ? Please contact me, I am not a large woman,I am 26, 5’9″, 135, very curvy,blonde hair, shaved of course. I have dreamed of a black dick your size for a long time. Contact me, I live in Orlando, Florida. I am married but my husband is not aware of my BBC obsession and would not be involved. All of my meetings have been at hotels in private. Danielle

  2. hello, I am an attractive w/f. I love big black dick. I have had several big ones but not one the size of yours. I want to try it so much, it is unbelievable ! It must be soooo enormous when it gets hard.

  3. HEY MIKE -if you ever make it to Colorado, this white slut would be happy to service that big beautiful black cock of yours!!!! I do hope you will stay in touch –got wet just lookingat you

  4. Nice BBC I can’t wait to fuck & suck my man’s BBC tonight. MMMMMM if I was single and by you I would fuck that magnificent cock silly. Hope you find a white woman like me that can bottom out on a gorgeous dick like that. The ones that are scared don’t know what they’re missing. Ladies trust me you will love it. Good luck

  5. Just curious how long it is hard 😉 biggest I had was a yougin & it was 14″ but I have to say you do have the nicest dick I ever saw 😉 lol

    1. Honestly Lynn I’m not sure. I’m probably the only guy who hasn’t measured his dick. Maybe you could do that for me? Lol. And thank you again.

  6. I’ve only just discovered how many chics crave this in the last few days. I’ve ached for, and dreamed of it ALWAYS…but I live in Australia and haven’t heard about this whole huge scene based on it..?! It being agonisingly painful IS the part that makes me throb…I’m turned on by something being so huge I feel like I’m getting internal damage..!! So..having a tiny white pussy might take some practice…but I’d love for it to not be pleasant…moans of enjoyment aren’t what I’d find hot…it’d be you having to hold me new continue forcing it in me til I was able to please you that I’m wet just thinking about. I clearly have submissive tendencies. But…I guess maybe ill have to find out how this site works and join…in case I’m ever on the other side of the World vacationing
    I’m not in a cuckold relationship…but just being stretched and used is my fantasy I can’t stop aching to feel even though I haven’t yet. Thank-you for the image to wish…Ella XOXO

  7. Yours does look long, but very long cock is normally limp, biologically not enough blood to pump it hard. i have seen some movies with tall black guy having very long cock. It just limp out and don’t get bigger when erect, only slightly harder. it just hang down like tom dooley.
    Really useless, please girls don’t get fooled. I am being honest with you.

  8. Ever get to a Dallas I would love to introduce you to my wife. I got her a private massage a few months ago and the guy is Black and now they are lovers as well. I chose Mike because he is good looking and built but he is only 9″ and not as long or Thick as you. I think the wife would go crazy if she could try your monster on. Mine was the first guy ever to duck other than me as she was a Virgin when we married and she had told me before if she ever had sex with another guy she would love to try a black guy and now she has and loves it. Hit me up

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