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Shes ready to be africanized!

So here is my girlfriend amanda and I am posting to hopefully get their attention of a well hung black bull! Nothing else in the world I want more than to see massive black c*** and forever be stretched out soo much that no white man can everI pleasure her again. I want it all this time I want her to be africanized I just some culously big bowlheraga now that she’s finally let’s make this happen guys and by the time it’s over I want you to be so addicted 2 black man in the fact thatI we will 1 day be black read my hopes are because nothing else would make me as happy as seen her with a black childg

We’re located in southeast michigan from we have our own apartment and we both love to party as wellI and also keep in mind if this goes wellI and she really really likes her first ball I will pay him to come back 3 * a week and take her1st and you know if that happened she will be bredShes ready to be africanizedshes ready to be africanized!

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18 thoughts on “Shes ready to be africanized!

  1. A woman doesn’t let on much what she may fancy for sex. My first blacking was on holiday in Africa and the only time my husband left me alone near a black guy the man was up me in minutes. I’d got worked up seeing so many around but this was the only chance I got and I couldn’t get him in fast enough – it was great.

  2. She is very very pretty !!! I hope you do get her black bred !!! It would be so hot to see her petite belly swelling with a black baby !!! I hope you post pics when it happens !!

  3. yes, white girls and ladies are always ready to be africanized and the africanized variety are always hotter and sexier to so many of us guys than the non africanized variety.

  4. Dude, you might as well start the college fund for her Afro-American child(ren) ASAP. Your Amanda is as good as launched on the path to IR maternity.

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