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Sex on the swimming pool

It’s said one of the women’ dream is make the love in the water some time in their life. Well, the last sunday our black friend Axel, my wife Susie and me went to a club whith a warm water swimming pool (we’re on winter in South America now). We spent several hours there. When the other people got out from the swimming pool, I asked them to have sex right there, if they wished to do it. I offered myself to watch if somebody was coming, but the club was almost empty. Susie held Axel’s cock into her hands and it turned hard just in seconds. She usually asked us to lick her nipples, but this time she didn’t need any kind of stimulus. They took out their underclothes and Susie placed her back against the pool’s wall. Then Axel put his amazing black cock into Susie’s pussy and they started to fuck. He held Susie up with his arms and they kissed each other during all the fuck.Sex on the swimming poolSex on the swimming poolSex on the swimming poolSex on the swimming pool

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