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Rate my wife’s body

See photos of my wife and comment on photo which you like most. You may leave any comment, I don’t mind! If you like she, later I will add more her sexy and nude photos Rate my wifes bodyRate my wife's bodyRate my wife's bodyRate my wife's bodyRate my wife's body

sexy milf with her first black lover

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14 thoughts on “Rate my wife’s body

  1. She’s got a great body! Think I’ll go for the 3rd pic, with her lovely ass sticking backwards. Always a good position to go stand behind her… and… do stuff 😉

  2. Tell me how I get to meet her and fuck her for you. I’d make her cum so many times she’d fucking black out until she felt my load spewing deep into her well fucked cunt.

  3. Now this is what I’m talkin about.
    I’m trying to develop my own wife to be so sub that she doesn’t question when i bring her to a hotel where she is to get fucked by5 of my buddies.

    “Honey, these guys are going to fuck you. Get down in the doggy, reach around with both hands and keep your pussy and ass spread. It’ll be up to them where they will fuck you. So don’t even flinch if they want to take your ass. I already told them to cum in you and there won’t be any clean outs between guys. It may be tiring for you but i know you can do it. I’ll be fucking you last so you’ll have 6 hot loads of cum in you all at the same time.”

  4. She’s such a sexy slut!!! I would LOVE to be under her and licking every drop of cum as she’s being used by several black studs.

  5. I’d save up all my cum till I was bursting then after eating out her pussy for an hour I’d ram my cock up her so deep and hard it would take her breath away. Then I’d shoot my hot fresh cum up her and we could watch it drip out.

    I’d love to see more her pics!!!

  6. oh really well i like to use your wife fuck her brains out everyday with my 9in long fat cock i’d like to use her on my upcoming event and have my black friends fuck her for hours

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