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Please fuck my wife

I am 42 yrs old and married to a Hot Wife who is 36 and I cannot satisfy her with my little cock. We are seeking an open minded gentleman with at least a 7 inch cock to fuck her. I am her cuckold pussy slave and my job is to find her a man with a Real Cock. My place is to lick her freshly fucked pussy clean after it is filled with his cum. Also I will lick his cock clean and after he rest up I will suck his cock until it gets hard so he can fuck her again. We are new to this lifestyle but very excited about doing itplease fuck my wifeplease fuck my wifeplease fuck my wife

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19 thoughts on “Please fuck my wife

  1. i am ready to fuck, i will start with feet.rub my cock so hardly to your wife ass to satisfy her need .and fuck at least 5 hour

  2. It’s great that you love your wife enough to agree that she finally
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    Fortunately, there are many BBC real men who are willing to satisfy her.
    She’s very pretty, so she should have no problem finding BBC men to
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    Good Luck.

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  4. i love the pinkness of her nipples. i imagine licking and sucking on them as my cock is buried deep into her wet pussy.. u can sit at the edge of the bed and watch how i long stroke my cock into her married pussy and see her juices glistening on my hard throbbing cock. then i shot my cum deep in her belly… watch it .

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