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Curious Latina girlfriend

This is my girlfriend of 22 years. I’m 23 and she’s told me she wants a dildo, I gave her the options of picking a white or black one and she picked the black one, it is 9 inch and 2 inch girth. She tells me black guys always hit on her in class. I know she wants her pussy stretched I asked her if she did while having sex and said yes. I think she’s scared to admit it, anymore test that I could do to find out she wants a fat black cock?
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Would you breed her?

This is my 21 y/o girlfriend Olivia. She’s never had Big Black Cock but I’ve been showing her videos and pics from this site and every time she sees a huge black cock she instantly gets horn now. I think I’ve got her trained. Would any of you like to come stretch her tight pussy while I take video/photos to post on the site? Each time I show her some hot girl getting pounded and creamed by a throbbing Black Cock she tells me she wants it so badly, so why not make a video for her to remember the occasion?Would you breed her? (more…)

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beautiful wife

I have been with my beautiful wife for nearly ten years now. Her beautiful features, her loving heart for all around her, her bright and intelligent mind and sexy body have driven me wild and made my heart weep with joy for all that time. I love her deeply and I will never in this lifetime be interested again to love anyone else. Sara is a powerful, focused woman at home and work, yet a sexy SUBMISSIVE sex package when sensual and sexual. It was with ambivalent bittersweet cuckold pain that I realized about a year ago that a bright little sensual spirit like my wife deserves more and better then I can provide. The flow of years had let the mundane flow into our sex life, because of my lazy creativity and so- so performance in bed, as a result of competitive cycling training damage to my erection
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