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My Latina GF

Hi guys! I have always fantasized about my gf getting fucked hard by a BBC. She isn’t really up for the idea right now but she loves when i fuck her with her big black dildo and she never cums with me only with the dildo. She has the best ass and a super tight pussy, takes some time to get the dildo inside her and she almost can’t take it at first but then once its inside she becomes a totally different person. She loves it so much and I even make her ask for her big black dick, she gets really into it once its inside her and she moans like crazy and says "oooooh fuck me with that big black dick baby! I love black dick so fucking much!" she just seems nervous and unsure and won’t agree to fucking a black guy yet. I would love to set her up on a little date with some drinks and easy going convo. she gets super horny when she has a little wine and then i think it would be back to the room for a first time BBC video. I want her to get fucked really hard and the bbc needs to be big, atleast 8-9 inches cuz thats how big her dildo is, even tho she can only take about 6 inches of it before she can’t take it any deeper. thank you guys and let us know what you think?

My Latina GFMy Latina GF (more…)

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How do I black my wife

I’m writing on behalf of my wife, she is 32, blonde, extremely tight shaven pussy and hot titties
When she sucks my 6" cock I get her to do it infront of the mirror and always imagine a bbc pounding her tight pussy
I got her a big black dildo that I used on her but she said it was too big, however, I still just about fitted the 8" of it up her. Of the 6 guys shes been with her ex was bigger (my cocks very thin) but not longer, so shes never had a big cock (or so she says)
She went egypt and fucked a guy there on holiday and then went back for more but claims he was small, I don’t believe her
Ive tried the black dildo and we watch bbc porn but she says she doesnt want to introduce anyone else into our sex life but Im desperate to see her pussy fucked by a huge cock, any tips on how to convince her?

How do I black my wife (more…)

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On Vacation With Your Bull

For the White wives and couples in here: Ever thought of going on holiday vacation with your black lover to some exotic location? Maybe you and him alone, or with hubby tagging along carrying the luggage.

Or if you haven’t yet, have you thought of indulging in it? is a community of people who love to upload and share their interracial content! Join us now!

On Vacation With Your Bull
On Vacation With Your Bull (more…)

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Blonde Super Model Loves BBC

Natasha has flown to LA to see her sister. When she arrives, her workaholic sister is still in the office, leaving Natasha with her hot black boyfriend. After they chat at the pool, she takes the opportunity to tell him how she has been fantasising about his BBC. Once she gets it in her hand, there’s no stopping her! They move into the bedroom, where she sucks on his dick and balls till he is as hard as he can be. He eats her sweet pussy, leaving her yearning for his massive length. When he eases into her, she feels just how big he is, making her shout. He then takes her from behind banging her faster and faster tills he is left squealing. Lastly, she climbs aboard and rides him hard and then writhing around so he reaches all the parts she has fantasised about. After fucking her pussy till she can take no more, he pull out and coats her sweet lips with his creamy cumload. Aren’t all sisters meant to share?

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Asian Looking for BBC

Looking for few good men for a hot gang bang…the bigger the better as I can’t get enough black dick to fill my needs…I want all my holes filled with your hot dripping cum…make me you neighborhood slut…punish me hard…please let me know all the nasty things you want me to do cause am a no limit BBC slut that’s always horny and looking for a long long train ride!
Asian Looking for BBC (more…)

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Mature Housewife seeking Two Hung Lovers

I am a 45 year old woman sexual needs, unfortunately my husband can’t keep it up to save his life.
I have had black lovers before with his permission and without his permission.
I am seeking not one, but two hung black lovers to fulfill my needs.
Because of the nature of this post, I would like to be discreet about it, I am not the best looking woman, but I am very sexual and almost anything goes with me. If you’re fine with sharing then shoot me an email. Accepting all applications.

kvc346 at
Mature Housewife seeking

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