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Wife wants to know what you think of her? Built for BBC?

This is my Pawg Wife Jessica lips She’s shy and self conscious and wanted to see if black men find her attract. Had to hide the face because we’re worried about people finding out she’s into this. Again, please let us know what you think about her or post something to make her feel sexy and want to finally fuck a BBC. She gets off reading the comments and gets wet watching BBC porn. I’m slowly opening her up to getting blacked and the closest was her calling her black ex-coworker "King daddy" and when the whole Lebron James penis think happened she wouldn’t drop it for weeks saying it was so big. That’s her celebrity crush now. Next stop, getting her a black dildo. What do you guys think? Should she go black? You think this means she fantazises about fucking a bbc? 

Wife wants to know what you think of her? Built for BBC? (more…)

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Few more from random men

Here are a few more. We had gone to a local strip club where she was dressed like a true slut. These two guys started talking and soon we had moved to a circular booth in the corner where it was darker. She ended up sitting in between them and everyone could tell by her face, they had each taken one leg and split them. Each guy had a hand under the table and was obviously finger fucking her right there. After they decided to play, she went to the restroom where they were told she enjoys rough play and once alone, treat her like a whore. They all rode in the back while Hubby drove to the hotel, while she gave head in the back seat, hubby got the room and told them once inside," she is all yours" You can see some of her facial expressions, she had a workout and was lucky it was only two guys this time. Reggie has used her several times since. I will post pics of his party she went to without knowing there were 4 guys waiting. She was scared, hesitant but at that point, they had already grabbed her and had her on her knees worshiping each of their cocks. Check out our profile @Beachescouple
Few more from random men (more…)

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Hotwife deep fuck black dick

As he slid his fat cock into your wife, you immediately had regrets. You couldn’t believe how much he was stretching her.
Later, as you sat there holding your puny pecker in your hand while she bounced up and down on him, you realized that this was not going to be just a one time thing. She loved it too much. Either in front of you, or behind your back, she would forever be a black cock slut.

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