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Ava is a sexy businesswomen who travels a lot for work. Her sex life with her husband in London has become very boring so she’s been feeling the urge to fuck black men. She gets there perfect opportunity on her latest business trip in the U.S. Ava meets Michael at the bar of the hotel she’s staying and after a few drinks she invites him back to her suite.
She really shows her lust for big black dick and can’t believe the size of Michael’s manhood compared to her husband. After worshiping his enormous BBC and sucking it she lets Michael fuck her really hard and cum deep inside her tight pussy. You don’t want to miss this international affair!

Husband Does Not Know She Loves BBC

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Conservative cums for Big Black Cocks

I did all of the work for her. I got up early, assembled a massive amount of hung black men stroking themselves on camera. I had the laptop playing on loop. The tripod set up. The day before, I purchased her favorite color lingerie and had it laid it out on the bed. As I was leaving for work, I kissed her on the cheek and told her I needed something exciting for my lunch break. I was taking a risk but an educated one. We had watched a movie called Hall Pass just two nights before. There’s a scene when they show a large black penis. Even make fun of small Irish ones. She became real quite and even forgot what I was just saying to her when she saw the black penis. But roared laughing about the Irish one. Needless to say my answers came to me when she initiated sex that night. I think we can all tell she was OK with my daring surprise?

She adjusted the laptop screen for a better view. So sorry there’s not a clearer image on there. If you look closely you can still see them. But I’m guessing that’s not really what the bulls are looking at anyway. ;)

Also, you’ll need to turn it up. She’s pretty quite when she climaxes. Remember, she’s a conservative. (I bet an Obama cock could change that!)
After seeing this. I’m thinking I’ll need to stop by the adult store and get her the proper toy. Any recommendations? I can’t really be looking at dildo reviews at work.

(Notice how she twitches every time the gentlemen stop stroking, or the scene changes. It’s like she can’t even help it.)

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Hot girlfriend is hooked on big black cock

Hot girlfriend is hooked on big black cock she thinks i don’t know but i set up her 1st and watched her through the bedroom window ive never seen her so crazy we live in colorado springs, now shes working with a black friend and she used to tell me how she would love to fuck him when we were teasing her with mags vids and big black dildos i think shes fucking him damn I’d love to watch
girlfriend is hooked on big black cock (more…)

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