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A surprise meet for mrs inked turned into a hardcore session with her being in his flat for about half hour before the fun began, he ravished her and was bareback in her for the rest of the night, she was wet with cum all night and then I cleaned her up and they started again lol we went back a few times after but it was never as good as the first

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I love teasing the black boys

My husband showed me this website so thought I’d post some pics of me to tease you big black boys out there. Truth is I have quite a tight pussy and probably couldn’t take a huge cock anyhow. Jo has an average white cock and we always fuck to IR videos and get so hot talking about me getting gang fucked by big black cocks. I get so wet and wide! A girlfriend of mine only ever has black boyfriends and she tells me how big they all are and I tell my husband. We get off on it as we know its real. Someone we actually know getting her pussy hammered by some big fat cock, Maybe she can take me out one night so I can meet and tease some black guys then share the experience with my husband! He’s quite open to me rubbing up against one. Could it be yours?! x

I love teasing the black boysI love teasing the black boys (more…)

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Hot gf cocksucker

Do you think I can swallow this monster?

It’s my favorite pet along with it’s heavy black balls! I can suck on it for hours, but mostly, I love it in my cunt! I love how it re-arranges my innards and then jets such lovely cum into me! You love that too, don’t you cuckie? You love sucking all his juices from me don’t you. LOL!

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♠️ QoS ♠️ for the Month of April 2016


As hosted by: @bigblackbull76

Interview with: @LebanonBBCLover Couple (QoS VIP #8)

Hometown: San Jose,CA

Nationality: USA / Lebanonese

Status: Married QoS/Hotwife/BBC slut

interracial hotwife

BigBlackBull76 (BBB76): What-up, so welcome back everyone for another fun and entertaining time here at the QoS VIP Lounge with your host who loves to boast about the IR lifestyle from coast to coast. blackgreedy

This time we welcome another one of our popular members who collaborated with me on “The Complete Idiot and Dummies Guide on how to train a hotwife to love BBC and cuckold a hubby” article in which after reading her interview here you’ll see she knows a lot about. [See reference article here: The Complete Idiot and Dummies Guide on how to train a hotwife to love BBC and cuckold a hubby.]

She also has the most real and personal videos of hot IR sex action than anyone else on this site up to the date of this writing. So I’d like everyone to join me in welcoming the @LebanonBBCLover couple to the VIP Lounge. Hey how are you both doing there? Thanks for agreeing to do this interview and I appreciate you jumping right on this although it took me some time on my part to get settled back down on the BigBlackBull Love-sofa to do this.

LebanonBBCLover (LBL): Thanks for hosting me and I am so happy to be interviewed here for this great site and I wish all the information I give here will inspire other white couples to venture into the wonderful life of BBC Interracial Love.

BBB76: I love your intro statement and you already are an inspiration with all of the amazing content you have posted all of the place on this site. I saw you posts coming slowly at first but then turned into a frenzy and you’ve far surpassed even the crazy amount that I have uploaded. bigsmile So first question we like to know is at what age did you begin the lifestyle of having ‘Interracial Love’ to quote you with Black men?

BBC Slut

LBL Wife: When I married my current husband I was 19 years old and he took me on our honey moon to Jamaica where one night we met three black guys in the bar of our hotel. I had not talked to a black man in my life before then and after a few drinks I had to go back to our room and my husband continued drinking with the guys. I was in my bed naked, waiting for my husband when in an hour later he opened the door and to my surprise the three black guys were with him. I was so shocked but he assured me that it will be OK and that one of the guys will give me a great body massage and I believed him so the guy took off his clothes and stayed only in his boxer short and started applying oil over my naked body. I could see and feel the bulge in his boxer short and he seemed to be so huge. He continued massaging my back, my buttocks and my legs and up to my ass cheeks sliding his big hand in between touching my already wet pussy.

Then he asked me to lay on my back and he started massaging my breasts and my belly down to my thighs and my legs and feet then up to my pubic mound where he started spreading my pussy lips and fingering me. I started to moan and I could feel his big cock bursting out of his boxer short. In no time he took off his boxer short and pushed his monster cock into my hot wet pussy and I screamed so loudly because I was virgin when I married my husband and my pussy was still so tight but eventually I could managed to take it slowly until it went all the way inside me and he kept fucking me for about one hour while my husband and the other guys were watching and then when he finally shot his seed inside me, the other guys took over and continued fucking me until late that night and they all left.

That was the first black cock and cocks I had ever had in my life. We stopped our interracial activities for few years after that as I got pregnant and when we decided that we don’t need any more kids we decided to resume our interracial sex activities and that was about 15 years ago.

BBB76: Holy shit what an amazing fucking story for a first time. Just when I thought I’ve heard, read, and seen everything I quite wasn’t expecting to hear something like that. That story even got me turned on by the way you relayed it building up the sexual tension with the masseuses long slow deep tissue massage he gave you.

So at this point you were completely a virgin and your hubby gave you up for 3 BlackBulls to take your virginity before he even consummated the marriage with you? And was the baby your hubby’s or one of the Black studs you met in Jamaica?

LBL Wife: Yes I was almost a virgin though my husband broke my cherry but the actual stretching was done by the three Jamaican guys. A year later I was pregnant and the first baby was born and he was from my husband of course.

BBB76: Wow I commend that hubby for getting started with making you a Hotwife right away on your honeymoon immediately after you were betrothed to him. Bartender, make sure that man’s glass stays full the whole night courtesy of the management here. bigsmile

I think a lot of women are extremely nervous of fucking a Black Stud for the first time especially when it’s at the hubby’s behest much less taking 3 on the first occasion and as a Virgin at that, Holy Fuck. So would you say that your first experience with a Black man lived up to your expectations?

LBL Wife: Yes my first experience with the black guys in Jamaica was the key for my interest in interracial sex but it was not planned by me nor requested by me and therefore, I was kind of shocked then although I enjoyed the fuck but the greatest fuck was when I met this black guy from NC who was an officer at US Navy. He was about 38 when I met him in a hotel bar and I was 26 then. He was really very talented and he brought me to multiple orgasms the first time we fucked. His cock was about 10” and very thick and he had such a strong sexual stamina that could last more than 4 hours of non stop fucking me. I believe that guy created my real interest in interracial sex and since then I became hooked on big black cocks. It was very good experience that I won’t forget until I die and I wish one day I will be able to meet this guy again.

black cock slut

BBB76: Now that guy sounds like a real Black Bull – with stamina and well hung that makes a woman know why BBC is the best. So what made you start the lifestyle of having sex with Black men and where you always attracted to Black men or did it develop later?

LBL Wife: One of the main reasons is that I am always horny woman while my husband who is 20 years older than me can not satisfy my ever insatiable appetite for sex, besides I became so hooked on BBC and my hubby’s cock is merely 5” only.

The more black guys I fucked the more I became attracted to having sex with black guys.

BBB76: Ahh-ha, so once you started going black you became an addict huh, lol. What were the things that made Black men attractive to you?

LBL Wife: Their nice and gentle treatment of me as a woman, their sexy muscled bodies, and of course their big cocks and the way they use them on me. All these factors made me attracted to black men only.

fuck black guy

BBB76: That was a fantastic answer and sounds like a rationale reason that most women would agree with. So how do you go about letting potential Black men know you are available? Do you wear QoS jewelry, tats and would you get a permanent QoS Tat?

LBL Wife: I always wear sexy dresses that I know will attract black men to me, I have few tattoos that I show and I put on some QoS accessories such as anklet and necklace which says it all so no black guy will miss it.

I have four permanent tattoos on my body, one on my ass cheek,one on my upper thigh,one on my breast and of course one sexy tattoo on my lower back but I do wear more QoS tattoo on my pussy and my legs and my shoulders too.

QoS TattooQoS tattoo

BBB76: Very hot babe, and that’s what I love to see and hear how white women stand-up and represent for their love of Black men with their amazing BBCslipsqos. Much love to you on that seXXXy. So now are you exclusively fucking Black men?

LBL Wife: I only fuck black men since the year 2000 and I always say that to every guy asking me for a date that I only fuck black men so most of the guys I meet in the bar know that I am there for black guys only.

BBB76: I see, so what are some of your favorite IR sites, or porn sites?

LBL Wife: This site is the only site that I liked very much honestly and it is the only site that I’ve posted so many of my pics and videos to because I feel it is exclusive for black men and women who love them. I am a member of some other sites such as ILoveInterracial and Tumblr and Flickr.

BBB76: That’s fantastic as I’ve used most of those sites you had mentioned as well but I mainly only post and use this site now as well. The interaction, layout, and astetic is just all around the best. Did the overall experience with bringing a Black man into your relationship and sex life made it better or worse?

LBL Wife: It made my life more brighter and happier indeed and I could feel very satisfied sexually.

BBB76: Sex is good and we all need it and when a couple is open, honest, and trusting with one another to allow others to please their spouse/mate it keeps the relationship healthy and bright too. So to the LBL Wife, what advice to you have for other women considering this lifestyle?

LBL Wife: My advice for other women is don’t hesitate to try big black cocks and be assured that you will really enjoy your sex life with them. Black men are the most polite, considerate gentlemen I’ve ever met and they respect your privacy much and at the same time give you all the pleasure you need.

Hubby was the one who introduced me to having sex with other black men and he enjoys watching me being pounded by other black guys and although he doesn’t join or participate he loves fucking me sloppy second when my pussy is full of other black guys cum.

BBB76: Wow another fantastic answer again and thanks for commenting that Black men are polite, considerate and gentlemen as well in contrast to what is the popular portrayal in the media as us being ruthless thugs.

Now for Mr. LBL, what was your experience like watching your wife getting fucked by a Black stud with a BBC for the first time?

LBL Hubby: You can’t believe how much aroused I get when I see her pussy taking a huge black cock. My cock becomes so hard and sometimes I cum quickly without touching my cock just watching her pussy stretched well by BBC. I love to see her fucking more and more black guys.

black cock in handbbc suckingfuck bbc slut

BBB76: I gotcha and that’s the answer I hear most of the hubby’s I meet state as well. So what initially interested and motivated you to co-sign with your wife in doing it? Was it your idea or her idea and what were your first thoughts? Do you like to primarily watch, or get involved for threesomes also?

LBL Hubby: Personally I like black guys and used to have many black friends during my school days and I know how they treat women sexually and therefore I introduced my wife to sex with black guys. I am 100% straight and most of black guys that we meet are straight too. The sight of seeing my wife fucked by well hung black men intoxicate me and make me so aroused. Yes it was my idea but she also accepted it and enjoyed it too. I never involve in threesome with other black guys and just let my wife enjoy the fuck while I watch only and take videos and photos.

BBB76: I see. So also for the hubby what advice to you have for other men considering this lifestyle and how they should manage it with the wife/girlfriend?

LBL Hubby: My advice to the other husbands and boyfriends is that, if you feel jealousy don’t do this. You should be willing to surrender your wife to other black guys to please her sexually and they may fuck her far better than you so be prepared to accept it.

Lebanese hotwife

BBB76: That is great advice and what the other hubbys have also mentioned and I think spot-on. This is something that is best said and delivered by one husband/boyfriend to another and not from the Black stud as we have no stake in the matter as at the end of the day the wife will be still going home, sleeping and living with you.

So are there any Blackmen that you two would like to give a shout-out to that you’ve had fun with and what was great about the experience with them?

LBL Couple: We can’t forget our sex partner and the first and only black guy who exposed my wife to loving sex with other black men, his name was Corey and he was such a wonderful person and a great lover who used to fuck my wife hours and hours without wearing off and who made her a real BBC Slut Wife. She also has met a few black guys from this site too who contacted her on KIK or through her email or on her mailbox at this site and we are looking to meet many of the well hung black guys here very soon.

We also are looking for meeting group of well hung black men for a gang bang fuck party that we will arrange as she loves to be fucked in gang bang. She had many gang bang fuck parties with other black men in the past and in one party she had more than 50 black guys fucking her non stop from 1:00 PM until 5:00 AM next morning and she still want to have more guys fucking her in gang bang. She also enjoys double pussy fuck and double pussy double ass fuck in addition to having sex solo with other sexy women or in groups.

BBB76: Holy hell, your saying you guys had a gang-bang with over 50 Black guys wearing the pussy out over a 15 hour period. That is unbelievable. You should’ve called up Guinness Book of world records to record and witness that feat. So this was another fabulous interview and I’m blown-away at the amount of videos you’ve posted from your private collection for all of our enjoyment. The shit is real hot and you make this website lively and the lifestyle a ton of fun. It was great interviewing you and thanks for sitting on the BigBlackBull love-sofa to do this. Now enough of the talking and lets get back to doing the wildest-things you’ve ever imagined with the Big BlackBull.

LBL Wife: Oh God……you can read my thoughts……I am looking forwards jumping right now on that big hard cock of yours and bouncing on it all night long and I can’t wait to do that as soon as we finish this interview :mstickle:. It was my pleasure to be your guest for this month and I wish you all success lips.

If you want, you can contact with author(@BBB76) of interview at community via private conversations or just write in the thread of interview (*NEW* Tales from the QoS VIP Lounge – Q&A #8 with ♠️ LebanonBBCLover ♠️).

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Bull fucking her white pussy

The size of his cock pushed her to her limit
Oh my god, I can’t take anymore.
Damn bitch, when I’m done, you won’t want nothing but Black cock.” He pushed deeper and the first orgasm hit like a train. That’s when you realized you’re Black owned.

download video

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