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Hot Blonde Pays with BBC

Cadence is sick of her boyfriend’s gambling problem, and this time the only way for him to clear his debt is for her to pay with her soft pussy! When she agrees, little does she know that this big black cock is going to make her wetter than she’s ever been! When Master fills her with his massive dick she is left yearning for every inch from every angle possible, and can’t wait to open wide for his big sticky load!

Husband Does Not Know She Loves BBC

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why is the attraction so strong?

I’ve had a bad day because any day you start to truely doubt yourself is a bad one.
I feel like I play with fire everytime I come here, yet, everyday I find myself back here again. I find myself having the same thoughts and giving myself the same reminders I always do. I love my husband, my marriage, my family and I love them all deeply. For the protection, security and love they give me. yet here I sit, in the ealry hours, typing out my frustraitions again. Trying to assure myself once again Feeling like a cheater, a liar and a horrible person. Rinse repeat. All in the name of bbc. Something I have never had. Something that isonly for a pleasure, guaranteed to wreck me mentally and for all I know, physically.

What is it? what is the pull? In my life I have absolutely everything I could need. So why is something that I merely desire becoming such a disruptive force on my psyche ? Why does it keep a woman up, out of her husbands bed? out of the fields of vision of her children?

Some days I just wonder who the real me is
why is the attraction so strongwhy is the attraction so strong

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should I share my wife? advice..

My 24 year old wife discovered my secret fetish for interracial cuckold porn. She was a bit weirded out by it at first but now she seems to be into the idea of a threesome with a black man. Last week we attended a swingers party, this black man had his eye set on her. We left early, we merely went to feel out the place. The black guy followed us out by the car, he grabbed my wife while I was starting the car and whipped out his enormous cock right in her face, must have been at least 10 inches. I could see the awe in her face, he then grabbed her head and pulled it to his cock. Her reaction seemed almost instinctual, she sucked his cock, and he asked her to go back with him into the house, she looked back at me and followed him in and sucked his cock until he came, then she came up and we began to kiss. She told him she wasn’t ready to take it yet but to keep in touch. Is my wife blacked already? Is it too late to go back? Here are some of the pics we used to get invited. What do you think? Did any of you cucks experience regret? Not saying I regret it but just want to know how it impacted your relationship
should  I  share my wife (more…)

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my sexy woman loving her bbc

My sexy woman having her fun with a bbc, as soon as the doors are closed and a hung black dick is within her reach a freaky side of her comes out only a bbc could bring out, she submits entirely to a bbc, the look on her face shows me how I’d never be able to fuk her like a hung black man can. She loves hearing how sexy she looks taking bbc, let her know!
woman loving her bbc (more…)

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should I be black bred?

I’m just a southern girl with a craving for black cock. My poor little white dicked husband has no clue I’ve been teasing and chatting with a black man. My black master wants to fuck me raw and breed me and to turn my pathetic little hubby into a cuck. I think I’d make an excellent black cock queen.

should I be black bred (more…)

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