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Never Been Blacked (Cont.)

This is my second post with more pictures. I still have not had the black experience =(. Maybe i can find a really nice one to have a continued relationship. Never Been BlackedNever Been Blacked (Cont.)Never Been Blacked (Cont.)Never Been Blacked (Cont.)Never Been Blacked (Cont.)Never Been Blacked (Cont.)Never Been Blacked (Cont.)

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44 thoughts on “Never Been Blacked (Cont.)

  1. You are very beautiful and deserves the best in a black male someone that on your level that can appreciate you so i hope you take your time and find someone of that caliber like me.

  2. I’m glad you had the Black experience. Isn’t it wonderful. You are a very beautiful women and I’m sure after you had several (15 or 20 ) Black men you will find someone to have a relationship with. Keep us posted

  3. Hmmmm, you’re really gorgeous Angela, so where are you located and how does one get in contact with you?!?

    I’m sure every bull in here would love to know more details about you Babe… Don’t be shy now…

  4. Beautiful Angel,
    We have a Group in Tampa Florida that would love to Meat you all Day long with 11″ Cocks.
    Call or Email us to setup a party for you. We have 9″ to 12″. Just call us or Email us. We have a Party on the Ocean waiting for you beautiful Lady!! Master Mike, known as acemls on here.
    Respond to acemls on this system Big House on Ocean with Pool, Jacuzzi, and lots of Big Black Cock!!

  5. Glad to see this sexy white lady is being offered so
    many excellent opportunities to have a great time by
    so many kind and generous Black Men.
    It looks life offers she can’t – and shouldn’t – refuse!

  6. I am hard pressed to believe that you have not had the Black experience you seek. You are ine Hot woman and I desire to show you just how hot you are

  7. WHAT? Not blacked yet? Where you at? Living at the North Pole? No matter. Give us your GPS coordinates. You’ll be sought out, found, and fucked to your heart’s content. Brothas will fight through hordes of polar bears to get to your fine pussy.

  8. I was seeded at Buscuit world,,after Hr’s,,see you at Buffet. Tyeronne will help you turn more than Head’s,,Honey your Salavating,& i bet those panties are SOAKED. Sincerely

  9. Your Gorgeous and we have meet before in Texas i wish i knew you where looking for a black man , i would of invited you to my place your very very GORGEOUS!!

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