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Naked in a hotel hallway

Drunk and dared, I undressed and took a walk in the hallway, much to the delight of several guys who caught me naked. They all took out their phones and cameras and took several pics of me.Naked in a hotel hallwayNaked in a hotel hallwayNaked in a hotel hallwayNaked in a hotel hallwayNaked in a hotel hallway

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14 thoughts on “Naked in a hotel hallway

  1. Delight? Oh Hell no. I’d be running down the hallway to get to my room puking my guts out along the way. For fucks sake, I just ate breakfast too, I feel sick now. Thanks asshole

  2. Disgusting your fat ass need to be ashamed and be in the gym somewhere trying to lose weight id throw up looking at you. horrific

  3. To those who replied, stop being so mean, big girls need some loving too. My mom taught me long ago
    If you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best not to say anything at all. .
    To you girl, I believe that it took a lot of heart to do what you done. More power to you, and continue to do what you do. That’s what makes you beautiful. .
    Last, for those whom toes I stumped on with this reply. You can find me in the community. I am the one with my real BBC for my avatar. ..

  4. What a horrible mess! Who the Fuck lied to you girl? You’re a total wreck. Please spare us all and don’t post all your disquieting flab for all of us to see! Now I have to go and gouge my eyeballs out with a spoon. You better hope she doesn’t stump anyone’s toes

  5. lot of haters. who can get their wifes to take pics. or have fun, so cut down this lady for being a little healthy Wow…….

  6. If you wonder in my room I would have gave you this bull dick good and would have bust a thick nut in all your holes and sent you on your way. You would have came back a few months pregnant and I would have done it again to you.

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