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My wife being fucked on a bus

It was recently, while Susie, our black friend Axel and me, were travelling by bus back to home, after a day trip in a river town near our city.
The bus was almost empty and we took the back seats. We were kissing each other, when Susie noticed Axel’s cock was hard under his jeans. Susie asked him to fuck right there if he wished to do it, and I offered myself to take the seat beside them, and look after if anybody was coming back.
Despite Axel’s cock was hard, Susie sucked it because she loves to do it. After Axel licked my wife’s nipples, she sat over his amazing black cock and they began to fuck. They changed to missionary, after some minutes fucking. Susie wrapped her strong legs around him and soon they could finally cum. It was a further proof of the great potential of this man and the wild side, that he awake in my wife. I never could have done that as good as him. My wife being fucked on a busMy wife being fucked on a busMy wife being fucked on a busMy wife being fucked on a bus

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