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My thick white wife

This is pics of my thick white wife. I love it when she wears this skirt in public like to the beach and black guys are checking her out. Sometimes she talks to them while I am with her, but she says she’s just being nice. We were down the shore one time and we happened to be in the same hotel room where she was fucked by a black guy on her prom, and she told me that this was the room. I ended up eating her out on the very same bed that her first black fuck had her on. She says she hasn’t cheated on me or been with a black guy since, but I want her to My thick white wifeMy thick white wifeMy thick white wife

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17 thoughts on “My thick white wife

  1. I would love to have the chance of refreshing her memory on what a black cock is capable of doing to her. I LOVE THICK WHITE WOMEN.Mark48e where are you from?i would love to try your me

  2. I would love to refresh your wifes memory on what black cocks are capable of doing to her again. I love fucking thick white women.@Mark48e where are you located? email me if your interested in having your wife fucked good by a young black bull

  3. Ive got a skirt just like that one, and your right it does get the attention of all the guys, especially the horny black ones.

  4. I never fucked another man on my husband but when I was drunk my man talked me into it so I let his friend to pound my pussy I loved it now I contracted jungle fever and fuck a lot of black dudes!!!!!

    1. Goo for you girl. Se what you been missing. I hope you let them cum in you as I do. My husband then has to lick my pussy clean, what a turn on.

  5. I have had many black men come up to me and asking to fuck me or have them give them a BJ even when i’m with my husband. I never refuse a Balck any sex anywhere.

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