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My hot wife fucked on video

Check what I managed to film last time when my wife’s lover came to our place. They decide to let me in this time and I brought my camera of course. I had the amazing chance to film them from all sides while by hot babe was impaled on monster black cock

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52 thoughts on “My hot wife fucked on video

  1. you are so lucky to watch and video your beautiful,hot,horny slut wife suck black cock you must have gotten so fucking hard and horny see that magnificent big black cock slam in your beautiful wife’s wet cunt,his sperm shooting deep in her hot body,lucky my wife is like yours(my wife,his whore)love it .

  2. Very Nice – Sex as it’s meant to be! white wife enjoying big dark meat while hubby watches if – he’s permitted to do so by his wife or her beautiful Black stallion!

    1. Go for it jacobi. I’ve only had two black guys but it is out of this world. The danger is addiction – I just crave more.

    2. You shouldn’t be intimidated–Just say “YES” My hubby is all that n a bag of chips!!! lol We like to add a lil ‘spice’ to our already amazing sex life. It doesn’t take away from you. It only adds to your pleasure! WE have invited 2 BBC to expand our horizons– he likes to video n watch… I enjoy being the center of attention…we both enjoy watching our encounters after the fact… makes for some VERY hot sex! The contrast of skin is soooo erotic. Be selective and find a guy who is very considerate of the fact that she is your WIFE….that you are ALLOWING him to participate with both you and her! Good Luck!

    3. OMG Black cock is the best. My first time was 3 yrs ago (i’.m 28 now). It was a guy that works for my husband. First time i saw him I had the hots for him. My husband seen this and sugguested we have him over one Saturday night. Damn he was big like 9″ and he stayed until Monday morning. My husband watched and masturbated. Now He is her like 3 or 4 nights a week. Let her enjoy Black coak and you wioll love it too as my husband does

      1. 9″ isn’t that big, I’m 10.5 and white. lol, this whole steriotypical bullshit is really getting quite old to be honest. I could satisfy any woman thrown my way..

  3. I say go for it if she wants it. I’m trying to get my wife into BBC and she slowly seems to be coming around. I think she wants to go to a Caribbean resort to do it. Maybe that’s where you should take her. More anonymous that way. Just enjoy it.

    1. we have been to the Dominican Republic many times. The black guys there are very eager for white pussy. just check in to a hotel and have your wife show the guys a condom. it will happen quickly and often. my wife has use dthis many times and has always been sucessful. let me know how it goes.

  4. my wife wants a big dick; each time i screw her pussy she said it is not big enough. would love to see my whore wife get fuck by a dozen black dicks; wish my dick is hard enough to screw her ass hole which is tight. her pussy can easily take 2 black digs; my whore wife hates to do blow job the bitch loves to ride black dicks.

  5. Cant think of much better than a sensual black stud. He’s beautiful and she knows what she’s doing–> They make a wonderful mating pair

  6. You are right Diana, black dicks are very addictive. Lucky for me my hubby understands and knows i have to fuck with black guys to have a orgasm.

    1. Hi Lynda – wow we had a holiday in West Indies in August and the old man turned a blind eye when we went to a party and I got upstairs with five guys – unbelievable what a night!.

      1. I want to know if u will try an 81/² in 5finger fat white cock that will make u cum 30 times plus every session… I have max stamina and I’m very aggressive… I’ve been told I’m a sex god and and the same if not much much better then most black cock…. So give me a try u would be so happy u did

  7. Black cock is definitely addictive;’s the best and hottest cock and feeling a black man’s cum shooting into my pussy is the most amazing submissive feeling.

    1. You sound just like my girl, who i give away to black men every chance we get. She loves being submissive and it turns me on to see her perform for their pleasure.

  8. Wow i need that big black cock in my mouth then stretch my pussy and fill me with his seed and breed me. im just another bbc white slut

    1. I would love to see you face fucked with a 12 INCH FAT ASS HUGE BLACK DICK I want to see you gag it’s so BIG. THEN STRETCH YOU TILL YOU TEAR .

    2. Hi – I am packing 8.5 inches of thick BBC. I live in a suburb of Los Angeles. Send me an email so that we can talk. – Bill

  9. Man… I got 9 inches 4 an ugly woman & 10 &half 4 a fine chick lol. Too bad there aren’t any of u in the midwest of the united states lmao

  10. who like to suck my 9 inch white cock lol come on l am in turkiye waitng your pussy l dont carry how many you are come and feel it babes

  11. my wife had a 10 inch black man and man did he rock her world she came so much she passed out plus he was very thick i tape it man it was awesome she did it with him about a dozen times after that

    1. Can you feel the walls of her pussy or did you have to wait like 2 months BLACK DICKS STRETCHED HER PUSSY GOOD SEND ME A PICTURE WOULD LOVE TO SEE HER PUSSY DESTROYED

  12. wow i’ve got 10 hard inches and would luv some fine white pussy so where are the white ladies in ms. that craving some good black dick?

  13. Hey hubby just go ahead and let your wife try it as for me at first I was so scared to be torn up… but you now it was so much fucking fun that my hubby pulled the video out and taped us fucking and me sucking his cock and balls he joined in later and his cock was rock hard…

  14. I live in a suburb of Los Angeles and I am seeking a mature white woman to lavish loads of sexual attention to help; celebrate our friendship. Married woman are ok, as long as you have your hubby’s agreement and permission. If you would like to know more, please send me an email. Don’t be afraid, I won’t bite…at least not hard! :>) I am in the S.F. Valley. — Bill

  15. Dianna. im the wife of jacobi and i took you advice and you are so right. addiction addiction.He made me cum and cum and cum so many times i dont remember how many times i cum my hubby video taped me and we play it almost every night.he was a marine and home on leave. cant wait for his return.D say he cum 3times and the first one was quick. but he wore me out after that. i recomend blk men. at least give it a try ladies.

    1. My girlfriend says a lot of them are also very knowlegeable and experienced in “talking dirty” to her, which she finds highly erotic. There’s dancing an partying, too.

  16. hey hey hey…i a huge black monster cock…i crave for white pussy fucking…no strings attached..just some weird sex experience…, i am from MALAWI,C.AFRICA…

  17. i had my friend over from work last wk end and after a few drinks we all got loose with the language. I noticed my wiofe lookinging at his crotch a few times. i gave her the ok when he went to the bathroom. when he came out i said i had to go to the store to get more beer. I had to drive 15milesone way . when i came back they were in my bed. she was screeming like she was getting raped. I rushed in the br and she was ridding him loike the stallion he was. I pulled my6inc dic out and started to jerk it. he then pulled out of my wife and he was jerking. my wife then said let compare sizes. needless to say he had me beat by a good 3 inces.and his girth was like a heater hose on a car and black as hell. he laughed and said to her you want him or me . she was drunk and said fuck me baby with that big black. he fucked her continously for 1 hour and that beats me by 45minutes. eversice that we invite him over to wreck that pussy. LIFE is GREAT.

  18. Im loving this web but I don’t know how to find a white sexy chick to sex, like would I say or do. Man I really wanna fuck a white chick but only had a dream of it never got a chance.

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