As I prepare for the weekend and get ready to introduce my current girlfriend to BBC (see my previous post for pictures of her beautiful self), I think back to some previous experiences.

I’m 31 years old. I have introduced four previous girlfriends to BBC in my lifetime. It all began when I first mentioned the idea to the girl that I was dating back in 2006.

She was reluctant at first when I told her that I wanted to watch her take a big black dick. She was even stunned that I would mention it. I had entertained the idea with several other girlfriends in the past, but never acted on it. This time was different. I just came right out with it. I knew it was a bold move, and her reaction was one of shock, which I shouldn’t have been surprised by.

When we were intimate a couple of weeks later, she brought it back up to me. That’s when I knew it was in her head. This continued on for a couple of months. I purposely began to bookmark some of the sites that I was visiting that featured interracial sex scenes, knowing that she would “stumble upon” them while on the computer.
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Eventually, one night while she was riding me, she flat out asked if that’s really my fantasy and if it’s what I really want to see her do. I told her yes, and I would help make it happen and make it an amazing experience for her. At this point, she told me she may be open to the idea, and asked me if anyone else had this lifestyle and where should could learn more information. Of course at this point, I knew she had already seen the websites I had bookmarked, but I led her to many, and told her to check them out in her free time, and that there was no pressure from me.

I knew at this point, I was already in her head, she had been thinking about it for a long time, and she was going to do it (just playing along for the ride). I would jerk off and cum so hard when she wasn’t around, thinking about her with BBC and thinking about her looking at the sites when I wasn’t home.

To make a long story short, it finally happened. I watched in amazement and saw her in a way I had never seen her before. She was completely changed at that very moment. Afterwards she told me that she loved me and she was so grateful for introducing me to BBC. She said that things would be different from this point on, but she wanted to continue to take the BBC both for her and for my fantasy. We began arranging several raw fuck sessions for her over the course of the next several months throughout 2007 . I took pictures of many of them along the way. It was amazing to see the transformation of a petite conservative girl who would have never entertained the idea of having sex with a black man before now lusting for BBC every minute of every day.

In late 2007, she took a new job, and began sleeping with her trainer, a tall muscular black man. That’s when she decided to leave me to be with him. I’m not quite sure if she’s still with him, but I’m sure she’s still finding BBC to please her.

Since that time, in the last three years, I’ve introduced three other girlfriends to BBC with similar results (which I will share later). This weekend, I’m about to introduce my current girlfriend to it. I’m sure I may lose her like the others, but I guess I’m just doing my job. I guess I’m the one guy in the Northern Virginia area that introduces white women to the lifestyle that they were born to know.

(The first pic is from a trip to Myrtle Beach. I believe this was the second time she had black dick. The second and third pics are from hotel rooms in Northern Virginia in the Fall of 2007.)

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Birthday treat as my lover pulls out