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My cuckold dreams

Here is a list of the things I want to do to prove to my wife that I am commited to the cuckold lifestyle.
Spend every waking moment in search of hung black studs for her pleasure.

Go to the mall wearing womens hot pants,and a womens blouse, with a remote controlled dildo.

Go to the lingere section so she can hold up panties, and nighties in front of me to see how they will look, in plain sight of other men.

Cook a fantastic meal for her, and her black lover, wait on them for the entire evening, dressed in my sissy maid outfit, and finally making up the bed, lighting candles, and providing a romantic spot
for her lover to fuck her right.

Beg her to let me clean her freshly fucked pussy.My cuckold dreamsMy cuckold dreams

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4 thoughts on “My cuckold dreams

  1. They look like two different couples!
    Which couple is you and your wife??
    Are either of these couples you and your wife??
    The gentlemen in the photos aren’t very well endowed –
    but even those who aren’t very big are also entiltled to be
    serviced by white women.

  2. Hey “done that” who are you referring to??
    If you’re referring to me, you’re very wrong.
    I don’t even want to know what you’ve done – mr done that!

  3. It will be awesome to have me and my wife like the couple on the 1st pic. However I would never go to the extreme that this author is suggesting. I Would like to see my wife enjoying herself in front of me as I jack off to the action.’but that’s it!!!

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