Looking for a bbc in central pa

Heyy ;) my name is Kara and Ive been checking out black guys for a while. My bf recently asked me if I ever thought about it before so I was honest. I said I’ve always wondered about their cocks and how big they are. He seemed upset at first but now he supports my curiosity. I told him that it was Such a huge turn on bc of my dad being racist. My bf wants to watch me being bred. We agreed that once I’m pregnant we’ll play it off like I cheated do my dad doesn’t know we both want me bred by black men. We are both 20 and live in central pa. Below are pics of me and my bf. a few self pics of me and one of me and my dad. Get back to me it reply if you’re interested in breeding me. Must be at least 9 inches and down to do me multiple times in one night. Oh and my bf was my first so I am still very tight ;) hit us up!!! And be sure to let us know what you want to do ;) don’t be afraid to reply with pics ;)Looking for a bbc in central paLooking for a bbc in central paLooking for a bbc in central paLooking for a bbc in central pa

My wife bred by black man in wedding night, I was too drunk

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38 thoughts on “Looking for a bbc in central pa

  1. You boyfriend just a nother wimpy as white boy I gladly take my ten inch cock and rip you up and plant my cum seed deep your white womb you daady gong to like being grandpop of black boy

  2. Okay I’m not here for you to bash my bf. I’m here simply because I like black cock. But as for my dad being a grandfather of a interracial child yessss :)) I would love for black men to use me! Remember, I only wanna fuck. No strings attached. So how would you treat me? ;)

    1. I have a great idea for you. I host parties in SF. I would gladly invite both of you to come see our parties. We have a few girls that like to get creampies.

  3. Hey kara,
    Your sure sexy as hell. I drive through central pa twice a week and would love to give you what you need.I would treat both of you with respect and give you my 10 inch as many times as you want with nsa.

  4. woo i wish i had a girlfriend like you show us more pics keep us updated if you go though with being bred i wish you was mine

  5. Hello sexy Kara, I want to know if you prefer your ideal guy to be deep DARK Ebony toned, muscular and Hung for the real “BLACK” Adonis experience and erotic, stark contrast? If you prefer this post me Babydoll

  6. my name is Henluv 9 and the 9 is for inches I would love to breed you I have no kids of my own but I would be happy just to know I have a son or a daughter out there and you are beautiful we would make a Beautiful girl look me up in the community

  7. What up Kara. Am from central pa and if u down for it, you can check out my 10 thick dick for yourself in a nice car blowjob meeting. your bf can sit in back seat if he wants to watch. hit me up if you want to meet, perhaps local mall parking lot.

  8. I think it is awesome you want to breed black. I am jealous of your boyfriend. White men should support and take care of white women so they can have as many mixed children as they want.
    It is only natural that white women choose the sexually superior black male.

  9. Kara, I’ll gladly fuck you if I can record it. I want the video of it sent to your father at some point so he can see his daughter being fucked by someone he hates. I want you to howl how much you love BBC as I cum deep inside you and breed you.

  10. Childish games from a 20 year old. You and your BF want to have a blk child in your world with a racist. Dumb idea!!! Your relationship to your BF is probably not secured like most relationships on a site like this. With pressure like the one you want to create, I’m sure your BF will leave you within a year or two from pressure from family, friends, etc….On this site, people do this for fun and enjoyment, not for spite. (Well, they may cheat on a spouse for their own reasons). A child doesn’t deserve to be brought into a world for the wrong reasons. Have a child for the right reasons and to know that it was the right choice for you and not to get back at someone for something you may regret years down the line.

    For all you black men…have some dignity. For NSA, this child will have to deal with problems of a racist grandfather and the conflicts of things she may not be able to control.
    Every child needs love. And you may wonder years from now if your nsa child is doing well.

    Kara….Great to know your not racist, so why don’t you take photo’s or vid and leave them laying around, put in the mailbox, accidently drop them at his place….use your imagination….not stupidity!!!!

  11. Hey look, Kara. You’ve got a good heart (and a beautiful bod). As you can see, opinions range from yes to no. So I’ll suggest you consider something in the middle. Have your boyfriend marry you, with first signing a pre-nup agreement to support you and your child. And then go ahead and fuck black men and be bred by them like you want to.

  12. Have you been bred yet Kara? We want to see updates and sexy pics of you naked, you belly swelling with a black baby!

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