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Interracial party sex in college

Oh Lordy the testosterone is almost dripping off the walls in the pics. Those bulls look totally locked on to these shameless fuckpigs! Dead certs for some heavy full-on using and abusing tonight these hos and the bros know it. Whats the betting that none of these 3 pigs are wearing their thongs tonight?! They are there to get laid by as many of these mean niggaz as possible. I would say mission well on the way to success!interracial party sex

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5 thoughts on “Interracial party sex in college

    1. To add to that thought, let’s have the girlls all conceive fraternal twins. That way they’d each be pregnant by two different men at the same time.
      I recently read where this was what happened to a husband in Stockholm. When the babies were born and tested, it turned out she was doubly bred. The hubby was too awestruck to be pissed off.

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