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Interracial Hypno (photo montage)

Like many other white husbands out there, I get off on the thought of my sexy white wife with black men, and I’d desperately love for her to share the fetish. So I’ve created this photo montage (with text: some overt and some hidden) to help urge her down the path. This is the third in a series of three very similar ones (the previous two can be found on YouCuck, if you wanna look), but I really think it’s the best of the three, so I’d like to share it with y’all today, if you’re interested.

Because the best approach with my own wife is to start gently and ramp up gradually, that’s what this video does: introduces the IR theme to white women, starting tame, then not-so-tame, then increasingly hardcore. The first naked BBC doesn’t even hit the screen ’til, like, 3 minutes in. The first visible, explicit penetration doesn’t occur ’til more than 8 minutes in. Like I said: it takes its time. Lotsa foreplay in the interim, which, again, has alot to do with my own understanding of what it’s gonna take to work my wife into being receptive to this particular fetish.

Meanwhile, because my wife is irretrievably turned off by any sort of "white-men-are-faggots" and "cheat-on-your-pussy-husband" stuff, this video stays away from said stuff.

Anyway, enjoy with a white woman you love[media id=1080 width=590 height=443]

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6 thoughts on “Interracial Hypno (photo montage)

  1. Have a suggestion for your wife sure you won’t pass it on but maybe she should consider leaving

    You for a real White man instead of one who wants 2 pimp her out 2 a bunch of black dudes so he can sit there and masturbate SAD!!!

  2. When I go shopping at the mall, I’m shocked at the amount of white girls still pushing white man’s babies around in their strollers. It’s the 21st century, mixed babies should be Way More Popular. Oh well, I’ve done my part, I have 2 interracial babies…. so far.

  3. People need to understand the difference between quantity and quality. A white woman can get off on a black cock that’s smaller than a white dude’s because the black guy is sexier to her. By the same token, she can enjoy a white dude smaller than a BBC for personal reasons. It’s complicated and shouldn’t be oversimplified into “superiority” and “inferiority.” And this saying that “once you go black, you never go back” is something that might apply to individual choices but is not true of everybody. Let’s make room for diversity.There’s plenty to go around!

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