Luscious vanilla texture, aroma so sweet
One of a kind love that took me off my feet
Beauty so natural, exquisite, and unique
She is the reason why I became a freak

Magnetic attraction brought us close together
She’s my #1 pick, no one does it better
She’s truly freaky, works it like a pro
Ready for anything when I come through the door

First a hug, then a kiss, nice and slow, nothing quick
Both her tongue and her lips massage my stick
My tastebuds become ecstatic as I taste her vanilla center
Love for all seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

She splits her legs, then I dive deep, taking acquisition
I work it awhile, then we change positions
The bed starts squeaking, then starts rocking
Motion in the ocean, constant, non-stopping

The more I slide, she gives a soft sexual groan
The more moist it gets, I begin to moan
At first it was slow, but I change the pace
We connect eye to eye and exchange a fuck face

Her spark bursts into a flame from my chocolate pickle
Her tropical fruit explodes and the juice begins to trickle
My body is drained as the transfusion is complete
I feel so light-headed, can’t stand on my feet

She caresses me gently as we lay across the bed
She purrs like a kitten as I massage her head
I quenched her thirst, she put my craving to rest
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