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Getting what I need

This was a weekend trip to NYC. A guy saw my anklet and approached me and my husband. I took him back to our hotel room and let him use me. Don’t feel bad hub was involved too. Unfortunately for him it was to suck back cock to get it hard and to clean my cum filled fucked out pussy with his mouth. He thought he was going to get some pussy, but I was way too tired after taking black cock so I left him in his cage and told him to go to fucking bed and in the morning I’d remove his cage and let him jerk off into his own mouth.Getting what I needGetting what I needGetting what I needGetting what I needGetting what I needGetting what I needGetting what I needGetting what I need

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10 thoughts on “Getting what I need

  1. Great pictures, this is what all cuckolds dream of. out with his black cock slut wife, who is recognised by her slut anklet by a superior blackman. Who then uses as a cum dump the slut wife. Who in turn has her cucked hubby caged, so he cant get hard or jerk off, to the sight of his whore wife being fucked. FANTASTIC AND HOPEFULLY TO BE SEEN MORE OFTEN

  2. This is a white marriage as it should be: The white BBC whore
    wife in total control of her whimpy hubby while the superior black
    (real) man is totally controls of the slut wife.
    I’d like to congratulate this wonderful white couple on a beautiful
    marriage. They are a role model to all white couples everywhere.

  3. It looks like the locked up little cock will be serving two masters. I bet she doesn’t take it off execpt for a handful of days during the year to let him whack off and the she puts it back on. Geez, it’s not like she missing anything with his little dick locked up.

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