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Farmers daughter

I’m not even sure if my gf would b into it we r both farm kids with very rasist familys…so I have never come right out and told my gf tht I would love to c her with blk……she might freak out …but hope someday to tell her it all and would love to c if blk men would even b interested in her so let me know wat ya ll think Farmers daughterfarmers daughterfarmers daughter

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29 thoughts on “Farmers daughter

  1. Good luck. I have stuffed my BBC into a woman who came from a very racist family. She has been my “bang buddy” for years now. Through some effort I ended up sending a tape of her being banged by me to her family back in Oklahoma (We are in PA). I wish I could personally see the reaction. Oddly enough, with her interaction to her family they have apparently begun to be less racist.

  2. I am a black worker on a farm. The farmer has a white daughter who looks just like you and was very raccist. Last month she sat infront of me and I see she was not wearing panties. She purposely was opening her legs for me to see. I had sex with her and now she likes me. I will like to do the same for you.

  3. The best way to see if she has what it takes to get down with the brown and if she can get turned on from how a black man fucks let her watch a black porn…have sex with her while y’all are watching big dick black men fuck the life out of tight white pussy just like your sexy gf. Let me know how it works out for you

  4. Very cute gal. She would look great with a BBC inside her. I gave up racism for life and happiness.

  5. I know a lot of u want to c her naked but she won’t let me take pics like tht sorry or I would like I said she has no idea I do have hundreds ofdiffrent pics of hr like the ones I posted she is couple yrs younger than me she is my lil sisters friend but I love to hear your input

  6. Steve,,the only Regret in Life is waiting,,Don’t hold back,,Create those HOT Dreams,,admit you jack off thinking about her w Superior Black Seed,,that Sweet Fertile Pussy will ”Open Right up”,,Believe me,,she’s so Ready,,get some Hot interracial film’s,,she will be Addicted,,its like Honey. Size Does Matter.

  7. I’ve been around Alot of Professional Black men,,& Honestly nothing better than sharing ,Hot pictures,& naughty stories,,of what this Superior BLACK SEED,,has done to our WET FERTILE Pussy,,Yes i can make it HARD & swallow. i will get her Excited,,about BBC.

  8. the only Regret was waiting..She will Brag when that 1st Superior Black Seed inseminates that HOT pussy,, Sincerely we where caught,,& now addicted to BBC.

  9. its true,,,when she taste her 1st Big Superior Black Seed,,these blk guy;s can assists in the chore;s,,& the Real Passion can begin.

  10. My half-Italian girlfriend’s parents aren’t racist, but some of her dad’s buddies are. So when we were gonna go to a picnic or barbeque with them, Beth would first have heavy sex with a couple of her black men. She told me it gave her a special thrill to be socializing with self-righteous white folks who had no idea she’d been secretly satisfying black men in her capacity as their whore.

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