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El Salvadorian Latina

I’m 23 years old and I was born in El Salvador but raised in Cali. I’m 5’3 and have a huge phat ass and a thick body that I know guys love,especially black guys. I get complimented a lot from black guys especially for my thickness and big booty. The more I think about it the more I like the idea of getting fucked by a black guy. I love to suck dick and I want to suck a big black one. El Salvadorian LatinaEl Salvadorian LatinaEl Salvadorian Latina

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21 thoughts on “El Salvadorian Latina

  1. I’m living in Southern California, near LA. Would love to chat. I have some pics you might like as well :-). Email me.

  2. Mm mmmm mmmmmm gaaaawd damn it baby! You are seriously too fuckin sexy.. I’d love for you to wrap those thick thighs around my head and sit that big ol’ booty right on my tongue while you suck my big black cock. In Vegas, make it cali every now and then. Check me out in the community under PussyMonster.

  3. Well Damn, that is a lot of Assss and thickness. And I love your hair extending down to meet your cheeks(or maybe its the other way around, with that ass being so plump and plush). Tell me my Latin plus size Babydoll, do you prefer your guy to be very DARK Ebony toned, muscular and of course Hung for the real “BLACK” experience and the erotic contrast? If you do post me Babe

  4. I want to fuck this woman really bad…I live in NYC,NY and I have 10 Long Hard inches WITH 7 Thick inches for ALL of that BIG ASS. I will pound that ass EVERYDAY TWICE a DAY.

  5. hey fuck all these other faggetts on here u want a real man come with me 9 inches of carribean north african and hispanic i got pics u wont regret i look like 2pac tupac i got pictures e mail me imma put spaces on my e mail but theres no spaces ill b ur tru african warrior

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