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Dog collar on her neck… BBC in her mouth… that’s the way to treat a white slut!

Knowing his wife was out of the house the white man went to his favorite site iloveinterracial and was shocked. There was a picture of her and she was on her knees, giving head to a Black Man twice his size. Then he saw the leash and knew she had become a slave to the Black Man and as he continued to stare at the picture he realized so was in her mouth

Hot housewife have fun with her black lover
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18 thoughts on “Dog collar on her neck… BBC in her mouth… that’s the way to treat a white slut!

  1. That’s what I’m talking about – a nice little white bitch as this black mans slut. I’d like to see a movie of him leading her around on that leash from one big black cock to the next. And in the background we see her little twit of a husband tied up with a cock just as big stuck up his ass. (I wouldn’t mind be the husband – this slut is beautiful and I bet she moans and whines her subservience to her black master like a good slave). Oh man – I gotta go now. My wife is coughing and that means she’s awake and I’ll be able to get my face between her sweet brown ass checks and then suck on her toes. Oh yea. Gone.

  2. With a cock like that you know she begged him to fuck her for a little while before he pulled out and came in her pretty white mouth… all the while her husband watching and jacking off.

  3. I wish I had a wife that would tie me in the corner in chastity, gagged, with a plug shoved in my ass as I watched her like a pathetic loser that I am.

  4. I’d love to be on my knees or on all fours, servicing that cock… I want to be his white slave whore!
    Want to be used, abused, and utterly owned by massive black cock!

  5. I’ve got a collar just like that, and I look a lot like that girl too – that picture could be me, except I need the BBC to suck and be fucked by….. :<')

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