I have been a long term member of cuckolding sites and have always had a cuckold fantasy. However, I was certain it would always be a fantasy as my wife has shown zero interest in any sort of sexual adventures, in fact our sex life has been quite lackluster for the last ten years.

Last night she informed me that she is sexually attracted to and excited by a black coworker. They have been talking on the phone, even having phone sex. She further informed me that she wants to have sex with him. They are meeting in a hotel room. She also wanted to go to an adult book store last night and buy her first ever adult toy so she can use it when they are having phone sex. I was amazed, I also got fucked last night like I haven’t since we were first married.

However, I am feeling considerable mixed emotions over this: excitement, fear, apprehension, relief, and many others. I never expected in my wildest dreams she would want to ever have sex with someone else. If anyone has experience or words of wisdom I would appreciate itCuckold Surprise

He can only watch and take pictures until she lets him in